Rewinding Bug (on Mac)

Hey guys :)

So like I'm sure many have, I was replaying the first season of The Walking Dead so that I could make some "good choices" to carry over to the second season. But as I was playing through, I finished the first chapter just fine but then when I went to play the second chapter, the rewinding message comes up. It says this:

"Rewinding will delete any progress made after this point, but retain progress made up to this point. Do you want to rewind to this checkpoint?"

Regardless of whether I click yes or no, the game then just stays on a black screen and I have to force the application to quit. I have seen a thread that solves this problem before but the instructions were for PC and I can't seem to figure it out on Mac.

I've been trying to solve this problem since 400 days came out. Help?

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