• I see what you are saying and now I'm having second thoughts. Hopefully, your theory is correct because it would make a more interesting twist to the story.

  • Yeah I really hope she doesn't turn out dead, she seems like a really good character. And I need to get my moneys worth, I gave her like 40 bucks.

  • From what happened with Lily, it seems the decapitation does kill the person, even if they're glamoured, so it's possible the same could have been done with Faith (that is, the first victim simply looks like Faith), but then there's the odd fact that the person with an obsession with Snow would have no reason to be involved with Faith, thus no reason to make a glamour of her, so whatever happened with Faith probably has nothing to do with Snow and Lily's murder. That Faith and Lily both wore ribbons, work for Georgie and were killed one night after the other seems to me to be a coincidence - that is, they probably weren't killed by the same person, but whoever killed Lily knew what happened with Faith and may have copied the placement of Faith's head to confuse anyone investigating his own crime.

    • Faith does have a lot of similar traits to Snow.

      Also Faith is a mystery. There's a lot we don't know about her and who she's involved with.

      Snow works with Bigby and it was natural for her to turn up at the building again and reveal she wasn't really dead because that's where she was supposed to be. But we have no idea where Faith may or may not be. And it seemed like she was up to something judging from the note and her general mood.

      It's just a theory and all, but I don't think she's dead.

  • Indeed. Don't believe she's dead. Judging by the letter she leaves Lawrence and the coy way she says, "See you around, Wolf." (Which had more meaning to it than the classic crime noir goodbye) when she leaves Bigby on that street corner, I can almost guarantee that she is, in fact, alive and that she may have used the same person/source as Lily's roleplay glamour to, in essence, fake her own death so she could escape the tragedy of her past and present once more.

    If you listened to her Fable of "Donkey Skin Girl" it's what she knows, e.g. donning a disguise. The fact that she left said Donkey skin behind in her apartment at Toad's tenement has a lot of meaning as well.

    Honestly, I have a funny feeling we've run into her since with a new face. I think "Snow's" head being left on the steps of The Woodlands was simply Lily's killer taking advantage of Faith's fake death (possibly unbeknownst to Lily's killer) to make it seem like whomever killed Faith was responsible for Lily's murder as well, considering Bigby had two or more suspects already (depending on how you played it).

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Faith is still alive. However, I will go one more and state that I think she is the killer. I think in future eps we will find out that the head we thought was Faith's is someone else. Personally, I think we will find out that it is actually her husband's head, Prince Lawrence. The Lawrence we meet in the apartment was actually Faith the whole time, glamoured to look like her husband.

      Now, what would be Faith's motive? I think you touched on it, but I think it also involves whatever she stole from the Crooked Man. But why kill Lily? That is a good question. I could be to cover her tracts, or embarrass the powers-that-be at the woodlands, like Crane and Bigby. I'm certain things will become clearer as more details come to light.

      • Wow. My mind has been blown. :) What a theory! That would be quite an ending if they went that route. I can see her being a killer, even though I really liked her character and thought she seemed nice. In TWAU, not everything is what is seems though, so it's totally possible that she is the killer. Very interesting theory.

        Edit: So, I was discussing your theory with my husband and in his playthrough Lawrence died. In mine, he lived. How would you account for that? Maybe Faith is only pretending to be dead when she's glamoured as Lawrence? I don't know. Regardless, I still like your theory and I think it's possible.

        • The best alibi is being dead, as I see it.

          In my playthroughs, Lawrence lived, and it looked like in one he was going to shot Dee in the back. However, I've read that Lawrence
          actually shoots himself in the head at that point. So, admittedly I'm still uncertain if I can say that Lawrence in that scene was Faith. That whole situation seemed very off, and I doubt that what Lawrence said happened actually did. Not sure if he is lying or is just confused, but something is not right.Still I think Faith is very much alive and is the killer.

          Once we find out what she stole from the Crooked Man, and find "Faith's body", I think the pieces will finally fall into place.

  • I would just like to point out that she did try to hide back in the homeland. The spell could be a consequence of that. Im not a believer of her being alive, however i still try to keep my mind open to new ideas.

  • I agree. I don't think she's dead. If Snow didn't die, why not Faith?

    • ...because 'snow' died in exceptional circumstances. Namely that she wasn't 'that' snow, and never died.

      Now unless you're arguing that Lilly is actually alive as well, which seems extremely unlikely, I really don't see how there is any evidence for Faith being alive.

      • Yeah, but there's as much evidence of her being dead as there was for Snow.

        Which wasn't much, and with glamours and so forth, that's not saying much.

        The only other person who ended up being dead never had 'screen time', was only vaguely referred to. And that was only AFTER her body was found after reuniting with the real Snow. And the mirror for some reason wasn't willing to show us where Faith's body was. Which I found HIGHLY suspicious. But Faith...I don't know, something about her just seems like she was more than just a one scene kind of character. She had crazy spunk.

  • I want her to be alive somewhere. It'd be a shame to save Lawrence only for him and is wife not to reunite.

  • I'd say that if glamor didn't wear off on her corpse by now than it would have to be Faith, but I don't know how far such rules go when the plot involves magic.

  • Cool, now that you mention it, she just might be alive in my opinion.

  • I've been thinking the exact same thing since, like you said, the mirror couldn't show her location. Especially because of the phrase he uses, "These lips are sealed."

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