• facepalm

    What is it with people and REALISM? It's a zombie apocalypse: there is nothing real about it.

    • Still, that doesn't mean they shouldn't stick to some rules, regardless if it's real or not. I'd be lying if I said that part didn't bugged me a bit as well. But then again, I don't make a big deal out of it.

    • That kind of attitude is terrible. Realism can be a factor even when some aspects are unreal. TWD is clearly a realistic game, with one alteration made, just like a lot of good sci-fi is.

    • If there was nothing real about it, then the character interactions would probably not be as convincing as they are, and the game would likewise be nowhere near as awesome.

      • That's not the point: I'm not saying they shouldn't be realistic and use the ZA as an excuse, but come on.

        • I'm just nit picking with that, I know you didn't mean the interactions, but I still think that if they are going to use guns and such that it should be realistic. The reason TWD is so relatable is because of its realism. It's our world thrown into chaos. As for the shot on Carver, I agree with Clem_Is_Awesome, "It's a caliber 22 that probably lost some power after going through a window and a very thick coat."

    • I'm with you. This kind of nitpicking drives me crazy. These aren't even real people. They're basically cartoons.

      • Cartoons sure, cartoons based on really people (existent or not). If it were as simple as "They aren't even real people," then I wouldn't have balled like a baby back bitch at the end of season one.

        • But do you really expect their bodies to react exactly the way you or I would? You have to make some allowances for how difficult some things might be to animate. But like I said, nitpicking just drives me crazy in general. I saw it all the time on the boards for the show. How come the lawn is mowed? How come that person didnt flinch enough when they got hit? It takes all the fun out of it.

          • Exactly how you or I would react? Well, exactly is a strong word, but the closer the better. It wasn't that it was harder or easier to animate, it's that they obviously didn't even try. There have been plenty of times someone has held a gun up to their eye and fired in this game, so what purpose did it serve to unrealistically have them shoot from the hip? A shout out to the cod boys perhaps?

            I don't usually nit pick, me and my friends would laugh about the little slips in the show, but nothing that would be taken seriously. I have higher standards for the game, the show is there to make money and while the end goal for the game is the same it has proven much more a piece of art than a trivial milking. I'd rather expect the best from the game than sit back and laugh at it (like the show).

            While I don't feel these problems were bad enough to put any merit into them, I still think the more you show you are paying attention and that you care the more likely telltale is to pay attention and care.

            • Okay, there is where we disagree completely. You think the show is just there to make money and not art? You laugh at it? You have higher standards for a video game than a long-running tv show? I have to ponder that for a bit and respond when I come home from work.

              • Indeed, take your time. While you ponder the response take into account some other things.

                Characterization in the game vs show

                Connection to characters in the game vs show

                Emotional appeal of the game vs show

                Don't get me wrong the show is interesting, which explains why it is still running. It is just on a completely different level than the game. So yeah I believe amc doesn't give a fuck what they create (and therefore I, myself, would never classify it as art) as long as it puts a wad of cash in their pockets. I laugh at it feverishly, it's as much a comedy as a drama or anything else to me. In the end I have much, much, much, higher standards for the game :p

                • So you're saying that those things you mention, the game excels at over the show. If that's your honest opinion, I can't argue with you. It's a matter of seeing things differently. I'm more invested in the show and I have a lot of emotional attachment to the characters. I think this season in particular has done a particularly good job and developing the characters. As for the artisticness of it, I've many times been impressed with the touches they've put in the show to make it not just a zombiefest but to make it beautiful with creative camera work and great choices of music. To act like it's just slapped together just to make a buck is doing everyone involved in it such a disservice. AMC has put out a least one other quality show that Im personally a fan of so I certainly don't agree that they don't care. I'm not going to change your mind because your manner is so contemptuous of the show and AMC in general so suffice it to say that I'm sorry that you feel that way about the show but that's an opinion I don't share. I'm a great fan of it as well as of the game and I think they both are good at what they do.

                  • That can be you opinion but all that's running through my head is 'how the fuck is that even possible,' but to each their own. Everyone I know and every one they know, even the ones that follow the show whole heartedly, aren't very impressed with the emotional connection to the chatacters. The clichés are unbearable. Amc would put a monkey kicking a telephone pole on their channel if it made them money. They honestly don't care in the slightest. In the end I am a fan of the show also, I just don't believe it is special, at all.

                    But all of the last portion of this conversation has been off topic. Realism breaking in a game based on realism is... breaking (if bad enough).

    • Double post sorry

    • Actually the zombie apocalipse is possible maybe not like reanimated corpses but imagine a rabies virus mutation

    • Exactly. Once you start talking about zombies, you've lost all realism.

    • Exactly. Once you start talking about zombies, you've lost all realism.

  • Who says Carver's group aren't professionals? It isn't like no one could've been in the military or law enforcement

  • Rick in the show hits the Governor there with a .44 and the Governor is fine, in fact he's probably better than ever afterwards. Completely ridiculous, but there's nothing I can do about it now except hope something like that doesn't happen again.

  • It's a caliber 22 that probably lost some power after going through a window and a very thick coat

    • Actually it cant slow very much. Rifle is strong but cant explain whole thing in English but ill try later.

    • Going through a window is going to take VERY little power away from it - IT'S 22 CALIBER!! going past the speed of sound at fairly close range- and as for a thick coat lol don't make me laugh - that's like saying butter slows down a butchers knife..... by about 0.00000000001 seconds.

      • I imagined the windows of a big skii resort like that would be pretty thick, but I could be wrong. The coat wouldn't matter much at all, you're right, but going through a couple inches of glass might make a difference. Again, I don't know how thick the window was, but it being so large made me think it would also be quite thick.

    • To be honest a 22 would not knock Clementine on her ass. It has very little kick so it's probably a higher caliber rifle.

    • How do you know its a .22?

    • What if Carver was smart and wearing a bullet resistant vest under his coat?

      EDIT: It would certainly explain how he is able to be so casual about being shot at right up until he got shot.

      • If he had on Kevlar a .22 wouldn't penetrate. It'd be highly unlikely even at close range, and then considering it went through a thick ski lodge window. Too much blood for that. Either it's a higher caliber, or he had no Kevlar. It's a good theory though, because I'm certain they'd have found a bunch.

  • Realism Problems Episode 2...there are zombies Walking around!!!

  • Carver could have easily been shot in the brachial artery. At the very least, being shot in the shoulder should have slowed him down.

    OP is totally right about the AK-47s, though. They cannot be fired rapidly due to the huge recoil. Finding ammo for them is a whole other ballgame, and they are very loud guns.

  • Your realism got thrown out the window when zombies started getting up after dying.

    • Do not be naive. Kirkman made it abundantly clear at the outset of his comic series that the biggest suspension of disbelief he wanted for the series was what you have so astutely highlighted - the fact that corpses are up, walking around, and reacting to stimuli. Everything else about the series is supposed to be realistic, and I think TellTale and Kirkman have done that pretty well for the comic and the games. However, what we have here is just a technical goof - I doubt that many people have fired an AK-47 in the United States, and I have no idea if TellTale has anyone on staff to keep certain things in mind. The bullet grazing Carver is one thing, but his group lighting up a bunch of zombies with AK-47s while hip-firing and holding on the trigger is patently absurd. Even if it was super fun, the shotgun scene in the Crawford belltower is another example of "WTF were TellTale writers thinking?"

  • Or it could of just grazed him...

  • Yeah, the AK47 part bugged me too.

    First, the big recoil. Professional or not, the rifles still have a too big recoil to fire them rapidly for straight ten seconds.

    Second, the noise. If I remeber correctly, the guns weren't that loud ingame. But they are VERY loud IRL.

    Third (and worst), they literally hit zombies only. Of course, it would feel ridiculous too if every cabin group member had died, but you can't really aim when you shoot, well, without aiming! They hit every zombie around the cabin, and not a single bullet grazed one of the survivors.

    As for Carver, I think the bullet just grazed him. But if it didn't, it could still be possible. Sure, a shot on the shoulder hurts like hell itself, but you can easily survive it. Also, the main artery is closer to the neck. But he is clearly shot in the outer part of the shoulder.

    Only thing that bugs me REALLY here is that he just gets up and is able to shoot straight, and how he afterwards has the strength to grab Sarita and point a gun at her head.

    Edit: Okay, I was wrong with the shoulder part. He is shot pretty close to the neck, wich is really stupid, because then the OP is right, he should have died.

  • You took the thoughts right out of my head, the biggest problem for me though (oddly i didn't really think twice about him getting back up from the rifle shot - although it did shock the hell out of me) was the AK'S i mean seriously, in the first place where did they get them?. Secondly, as you already said, they were hip firing and still managed accurate head shots - Bull.S. Maybe carver can't feel pain lol (you know like renard from the james bond films) - seriously though, maybe he's just used to getting shot, after all how many times has kenny been shot now?.

    also this - Professional or not, the rifles still have a too big recoil to fire them rapidly for straight ten seconds.

    I mean seriously, a quick google search would have told TT that much, do they not have a researcher in their team?
    EDIT also when kenny took the risk to shoot Carver (and hit him), and he got back up and took serita,(or however you spell her name) WHY TELLTALE did you not give me the option to encourage Kenny to shoot, he could have made that shot - sure it would be risky - but he could do (he took the risk for alvin and it paid off... kinda)

    • You'd be surprised how easy it can be to find guns, even obscure ones you think would only be used in a nation's military; especially in the south.

      • I don't think the US military uses AK'S though do they? i thought that was just for militias on a budget in some poor African country - after all some far more advanced guns have been developed since the AK'S time. http://usmilitary.about.com/od/armyweapons/l/aainfantry1.htm this page goes over some standard issues. America is full of guns, but i would amagine you'll only find AK'S in select gun shops and in the apocalypse (not to mention his camp is the middle of a woodland/national park area) i just don't find it reasonably they would be able to get that many AK'S AND the ammo for them. Now if they came out blasting M16'S - that would be a different story. It's very likely in the even of a apoc the army would have weapon stashes/air drops with crates of ammo, if (or rather when) they got overrun by zombies, it's reasonable to think carver and his ragtag band could stride in and pinch them. But AK's seriously?. WTF are you going to find lots of them in modern day america, with a plentiful supply of ammo?.Certainly not in the middle of (what i think is) a national park. Heck even any gun shops nearby are going to contain common hunting weapons - like the common place 22 caliber rifles everyone's always carrying about in TWD and the common place pistols - you ain't gonna find outdated AK'S.
        (sorry for the long post - it seemed shorter in my head lol)

        • I didn't specify the US, I just said in a nation's military. There is always surplus that goes around, and the weapon is very popular in Africa and the Middle East. I personally know a few people who have AK's, and ammo. The AK-47 uses 7.62x39mm rounds, which are fairly common. Modern Chinese and Russian Kalashnikov variant weaponry uses the cartridge, amongst others. You would be very surprised how many AK variant weapons can be found in the USA, as well as the ammo. You also make the point of them pinching US army weaponry and ammo, but mention them not finding AKs because of their camp location. If they can't find civilian weaponry because of their location they aren't finding military weaponry either. We've seen that they have 3, and you could find that in one house. I agree that if there was a mix of weapons it would make a bit more sense, but honestly finding an AK is probably not going to be an issue.

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