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Full Article from Polygon

Here is a small excerpt:

The two characters featured in the trailer are Fiona, the well-dressed con artist, and Rhys, the cybernetically-enhanced Hyperion company man. The player will control both characters as they recall, in turn, the plot of the game from the future. Both narrators' versions, however, are fish tales — players will quickly notice the discrepancies between the versions of the events presented by Fiona and Rhys.

"You never really play what actually happened, you're playing this Big Fish version of what happened," Telltale's Kevin Bruner explained during the panel.

You'll have plenty of reason to doubt the untrustworthy narration from Rhys and Fiona, as they're both thoroughly greed-driven people — much like everyone else surviving on Pandora. That driving desire also plays into the general tone of the game, and its decision-based gameplay. To put that into context, Telltale's Harrison Pink compared the series to The Walking Dead, where players were constantly forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. In Tales from the Borderlands, players will more often have to choose from the better of two extremely desirable options.

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