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Best FPS

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Post your top three favorite FPS games here.(No you can not put Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 in one list.)Here's mine.

3.Metroid Prime-Gamecube:I loved the game's creepy atmosphere and the levels, but I didn't like how you couldn't move and look at the same time, and how the shooting was mapped to the 'A' button instead of 'R'.
2.Bioshock-xbox 360:A great horror shooter.I love how you really have to find out most of the story yourself with the audio diaries spread about the levels.
1.Red Faction-PS2:While its story doesn't compare with games like Bioshock and Half-Life, it was one of the best stories in an FPS.I also liked the Geo-Mod technology.There's just an undeniable awesomeness about that game.Too bad Volition had to ruin the story and make it into a military shooter with Red Faction II.
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