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Lines you weren't supposed to laught at, yet did anyway [Season 2 Edition]

posted by GuiltyKingOumaShu on - last edited - Viewed by 57.1K users

So, I remember this thread being around some time, but it was back in season 1, so I thought we might talk about lines in season 2 that weren't necessarily meant to be funny, yet amused us anyway.

aside from the "Jesus, are you fucking kidding me?" which I really don't need to explain, I think, I also happen to always laugh at Carver's: "Hi, Alvin." shortly before he grabs him to use as a hostage. I dunno why, but I laugh every time. Maybe because he says it so casually in that situation.

Kenny's "Now listen there, vanilla ice..." also makes me grin like an idiot, but I think that one was intentional.

What about you guys?

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