• I Think he is meant to be insulting Luke for running off... He is giving you a look like "so that guy was your new friend huh"

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    When did he ever insult Clem? Seriously, I've played the episode quite a few times now (and done separate dialogue options everytime) and he was pretty friendly to me all the time.

  • Yeah, that kind of irked me. Kenny was my friend in Season One, so I hope he was at least pointing that towards Luke, even though it looks to be determinant judging from Episode 3's preview. The line would make more sense if he was, as being snarky towards an eleven year old for surrendering is a bit much in my book.

    But, I will hold on to my judgement until I hear him out. We only heard a snip of their conversation. And in his defense, it might not even make an appearance depending on our choices. Sort of like how the "I thought you were dead" dialogue option in Episode 2's preview ended up being up to us.

  • I thought it was harsh (if it's indeed directed at Clem)... In Kenny's defense, it's the kind of thing a disappointed (and misguided) parent might say to their child.

    What I mean is Lee went through hell to save Clem and saved her because of his "never-give-up-never-say-die" attitude. Also, Kenny survived the devastating loss of everybody he cared about and yet here he is, still putting one foot in front of the other (in a fashion...). "Never giving up" is a code and way of life for all the survivors in TWD. Some just adhere to it in different ways, I suppose.

    I can understand if Kenny expects Clem to never give up because she's had role models who have modeled that behavior for her time and time again. And, I get why he doesn't cut her slack for being young (because her not fighting every inch of the way could be the very thing that gets her killed). Of course, her not surrendering could get her killed too, and Kenny should be more understanding because of that...

    Still, it might be unpopular, but I wanted to speak up for Kenny because both he and Lee have risked it all many times and Kenny and Clem's enduring survival is a testament to the power of never giving up. People are right though, he's still a jerk about, but I guess I can see where he might be coming from given what he's endured... And the fact that she is 11 should be irrelevant. Unless you're an overprotective Carlos-type, sometimes the truth needs to hurt. In this case, Kenny is wrong, but his reasons for being frustrated probably aren't wronghearted...

  • Maybe it depends on the dialog you picked with him , maybe if you make clem say something like "You were being an idiot there Kenny" or something

  • Maybe if your Clem wasn't a giant wimp you'd have the respect of the 'stache.

    • Kenny is treading her like a normal person. You ain't little, you ain't big, you ain't young or old, you are alive! Kenny knows that...Clem is the main character in this game, ofcourse her choices will have an impact on how other people react to her. Respect the Stache!

      • Yeah man, Kenny's giving her reasonable responsibilities. It's not like Luke where he's taking her along on narrow, collapsing bridges to get surrounded and eaten.

        He's just asking her to be his spotter while he snipes fools and expects her not to be a big surrender-monkey baby. That's responsible post-apoc parenting.

        • My Lee always wanted Kenny to watch after her and i will fulfill his last wish!

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            Kartal5 BANNED

            So did my Lee, but i am starting to wonder if he made the right pick.

            • So did mine. I wanted Kenny to take care of her as well. At the time, I was confident that he was the best choice. I knew that he would protect Clem with his life, and I barely knew Christa and Omid. Yet now with Luke's dynamic in the mix and some weird vibes I've been getting from my old pal, I not so sure anymore either. Who knows? Maybe he would have been more stable if he did find her sooner. I still love his character though, and I will do my best to get him back on the right track.

          • Damn right bro...you are right about this, you are always right!

  • Yeah, Kenny's always been like this.

    "[Gasp] You didn't do what I would have done! Clearly this is due to a critical flaw in your personality and has nothing to do with the difficulty of the surrounding circumstances! Now I'm going to make a note of this in my mental tally to determine whether or not I should help you later on!"

  • Well you did just give up if you stayed with Alvin. Kenny has a point, if you wanted to please him you should have went looking for him.

  • I think that line was added for effect... We dont even know if hes gonna say that in ep 3.

  • Clearly they are testing our love for him lol. You should have known that when you had to choose to sit with your new best friend or Kenny Claus. Also, he isn't the only one who's ever given Clementine a hard time....ahem....nearly the entire cabin group in episode 1. >.>

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