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what is your fav film trilogies?

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what is your fav film trilogy? and why?
there is lots to choose from.

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    Jennifer Moderator

    My favorite is the Back to the Future series. I just really love time travel stories, and I love how the stories of all three films flow into each other. I actually made an edit combining all three films together into one long film (since the ending of each film leads into the beginning of the next), and it's actually really enjoyable to watch that way because of how well they connect. :)

  • The classic Star Wars trilogy, BTTF, the Indiana Jones trilogy (FOR THAT IS ALL THERE IS), the Bourne trilogy, the Die Hard trilogy... you're right, there's actually quite a few good trilogies out there.

    If I had to pick, I'd go with the Indy trilogy. They're just so much FUN, in a way that Star Wars isn't, though that's a close second place.

    And ooo! The Daniel Craig Bond films kinda counts, since that's a trilogy at the moment. :p

  • Love this thread I'll do top 7

    1. Dark Knight Trilogy all class films and includes my favourite film and performance of all time Heath Ledger Joker never had big budget film have so much intelligence, innovation, realism and genius learned so much love way they portray villians as good guys who took wrong path in life.

    2. Matrix Trilogy the single greatest fight film ever seen slow motion and gun fights every thing is over the top and sensational real honor to watch real pleasure just so badass can't really believe your eyes until see it. Again intelligent and find realism in fantasy which I love adored 1,2 but 3 maybe bit of a letdown

    3. Lord Of The Rings Trilogy: Perfection in terms of film making perfect casting, script writing and beautiful scenery to watch as enjoy crazy adventure just pure fun and big battles in massive world just brilliant

    4. Austin Powers Trilogy: As kid big James Bond fan and this trilogy as kid never stop laughing thorough just to funny just brilliant a very controversial choice I know but for me brilliant so many great one- liners

    5. Back to the future trilogy: As kid watched hundreds of times till this day everytime see it on then watch it still as good as first day seen it. Time travelling adventure surprising very intelligent and each film having an adventure at different time so much fun to watch

    6. Star Wars: As kid this movie blew my mind literally to awesome for my child mind to take in just in awe of every film so much adventure, Lightsabers just brilliant

    7. Blade Trinity This Vampire Rambo has no weaknesses every film just walks past each challenge with slow motion very violent scenes Wesley Snipes at his best here so badass

    8. Xmen: First hero film which really showed human side of hero's there struggles to survive and how general world treats them very intelligent as try make it realistic just superb Wolverine steals every film with all powers just brilliant

    9. James Bond As kid in Ireland every week james bond film was on tv just love the cheesyness the adventure all epic villains and daring escapes and Bond just beating every challenge with such swag love it.

  • awesome. thanks for the comments so far, no correct way right or wrong. everyone has their own fav trilogy.
    here are my top 5:

    1: Lord of the Rings: love the characters, love the locations and love the story behind it all. I'll include the hobbit trilogy in this too (cheating? no 2 trilogies that are link together. that's allowed.)

    2: The Dark Knight: a gloomy trilogy, gives characters a good background story, mix of action films with some politics, great actors, great storyline. awesome.

    3: Star Wars: great characters, great storyline, the villains are fantastic, follows the good guys struggles, fantastic. I like the older and the new trilogy.

    4: The Mummy Trilogy: mixed of horror, fantasy and action, even if its not based on the actually ancient Egypt myths its still a lot of fun. awesome funny characters and puzzles.

    5: Star Trek 2009 remake trilogy: I like some Star Trek, mainly Next Gen, (Yes I like star wars and star trek so what? you can like both.) love this trilogy by JJ. action, fantasy and great characters, awesome villains.

  • double post oh great, I will post a image instead.

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    • Lord of the Rings (LotR)- I only watched it when I was young so I never really paid much attention to the story but I loved the heavy and massive battles that took place, and enjoyed the triumph of Frodo and co. (I seriously thought they were gonna lose though XD). And because of LotR, I became addicted to RTS games.
    • Star Wars- I grew up as a fan of Star Wars, my favorite character was Obi-wan and I felt really terrible when he had to get himself killed by Vader. Loved both trilogies (Ep 4-6 and Ep 1-3)
    • X-Men- Loved the characters, story progression, and the fight scenes, although I was a bit disappointed that it came between Jean and Logan...I was really rooting for Scott and Jean T-T
  • The Godfather, fuck how am I the first guy to say this?

  • Lord of the Rings, duh! Besides, I can't wait for the final part of the Hobbit to come out this December!

  • The Evil Dead. They're all great for different reasons.

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