• I am thinking that the ribbon has something to do with the spell that all the girls are under when they say "these lips are sealed"

  • I think it might be some kind of signal for potential customers, that they're prostitutes and they work for the Pudding and Pie. When Bigby talks to Faith outside of Toad's apartments she asks "Do you like my ribbon?" and depending on what you respond with (I think if you tell her to stop changing the subject), she says something along the lines of "I'm telling you the only way I can" (NOT a direct quote). I remember thinking later on that she was trying to tell Bigby that she works for Georgie Porgie with out "unsealing" her "lips".

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    Jonas Brothers wore purity rings, I heard. Maybe there are purity ribbons.

  • All the girls working at the Pudding & Pie were wearing them. They seem to put a geis on the wearer, preventing them from divulging certain information about their work and clients to anyone else.

  • I think they are cursed so the girls can keep their "discretion a guarantee" like Vivian said while walking with Bigby to see Georgie. All the girls wear these bands but the fact that Faith had it stuck in her mouth, disgusting as it may be it looks like it is pointing towards that possibility. When Faith comments on her ribbon she is trying to let Bigby know she can't talk about work and hinting the ribbon has something to do with it.

  • Cursed? lol this ribbon will just rip off your head if you say something that didnt suppose to be said.

  • I think the ribbon is a sign that they work at the Pudding & Pie, but it also has a spell on it that makes their lips sealed.

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