• Ehhm...what are we taking about here i don't quite understand.

    Ofcourse Lee is dead, if that's what you are asking.

  • I don't want Lee to be dead, but holding on blindly to false hope just disrespects his peace. He is dead, and that is the truth. I don't want him to be dead, but he is.

  • I thought people would stop creating these discussions once Season 2 came out...Lee is dead. There is no question, no what-ifs or maybes, he is dead. He either gets shot in the face, or dies right before Clementine walks out. Lee passed out when trying to open the elevator because the virus had reached his brain, the fever probably already set in. Did you look at his face after Clementine drags him inside that store? If that wasn't from the virus, and Lee cut off his arm, it was probably due to blood loss. So either way you look at it, he is dead. Either by blood loss or the virus, take your pick. I do not hate Lee, in fact I am honored to have seen his story, but that story is over now. Move on. If he comes back, he'll be a corpse, walking, depending on what you made Clem do in his last moments.

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    Lee died because he didn't cut his arm off in time, Which is optional btw, What did you think No Time Left means lol, Like Ohyoupokedme said, Hershal had his lower leg removed immediately & that is why Hershal lived.

    I want Lee to be alive as much as the next guy but he's gone, We got to except that & move on.

  • Do you see him get shot?... no! :D
    and where is the rule that say we cant talk about season one? it's all fictional....right?

    • Clementine pointed her gun directly at Lee's face, and pulled the trigger. There was a GUNSHOT. So yeah, I saw him got shot. May not have seen him get shot in third person, but I saw him get shot.

  • Like you said, it's been oficially stated that Lee is dead. In case it wasn't obvious already by the bite in his arm.

  • What is withal ths "false hope and let him rest in peace" crap!? :p IT'S FICTIONAL GUYS!.. ok, don't get all emotional on me. 0_o

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      Jennifer Moderator

      Telltale still has to abide by the rules of the fictional universe of The Walking Dead that Robert Kirkman has set up in his comics.

      The main rules are:
      1) Every person is infected. They will become walkers once dead, even if not bitten, unless the person's brain is destroyed, in which case they will die without becoming a walker (or will die completely if already a walker).
      2) A walker bite causes flu like symptoms that always lead to death, unless the infected area is cut off immediately after being bitten.
      3) If you reach fever status, then you waited too long to remove the infected area, and there is no hope. There is no cure for a walker bite infection.

      Lee's last minutes were shown in the last stages of the walker bite infection. He could no longer move, and was soon to turn to a walker from the infection. Due to the fact that there is no cure for a walker bite infection, Lee either became a walker or died from Clementine's gunshot. In The Walking Dead universe, there is no hope for survival at that stage.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    What? Lee is STILL my favourite Walking Dead character to date, but I don't want him to come back. His story arc and his redemption came from protecting Clementine and his friends. And it was up to you if you wanted to portray him as a heroic man (like I always did) or a renegade badass. Best part about Lee was the fact that no matter how much of a hero you try to make him look in the first season, he will always have that flaw of the horrible thing he did before you took control of him.

    Lee's sacrifice wasn't in vein either. Of course people thought he was brilliant. Remember all the talk of his death in Episode 5? That was because we didn't want him to go, we really didn't want him to go. But bringing him back in Season Two would just be horrendously stupid and and it would ruin the perfect ending of the first season. Perhaps we could see Lee in a flashback or hallucination but I don't want to actually see him again. Alive, or undead.

  • I don't WANT Lee to be dead.I LOVE Lee.I feel like a part of me has died along with him.But...I guess it's acceptance.I knoe he's never coming back.There's no way...

    Plus...That ending,of season 1...It was perfect.Well,not PERFECT,but...Perfect.It wasn't a happy ending.It was a feels-awakening ending.It was amazing,it got me bawling all over the place.

    So,i WANT Lee to be alive,to see Clem and him together once more...Just,one last time...But he's dead.And i accept that.His death is practically what makes Telltale so unique and amazing.

    I'm okay with it.

  • I didn't hate Lee, more like the opposite :)

    He was a great character, and I grew to love him. But we have to accept that he died.

    Lee is definitley dead, I don't know if he's a zombie, probably if you leave him though.

    But there's also an option not to cut his arm of, which is a ultimate death sentence. It would feel just cheap if he came back.

    Let Lee rest. His story arc, as great as it was, is over.

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