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Petition to keep Clementine alive (opinion)

posted by TWD_25 on - last edited - Viewed by 6K users

If they kill Clementine in episode 5 this season it will be too much like last season. Plus I don't think people would be the same sad they were with Lee's death, I think there'd be just a lot of pissed people that there favorite character is now dead. She's also a little girl still I personally think it will be interesting to watch her grow up and how her character changes.

  • Let telltale do there thing. There doing a great job.

  • Ugh they're not going to kill Clementine, that'd be stupid. Seriously you guys sitting in this echo chamber get upset by the dumbest shit.

    "Petition to not kill Clementine!" "Petition to not make Luke a pedophile!"

    Good Lord.

  • No.I Will not boss telltale,they shall do what they feel that's best.You never know,they might not kill Clem.

  • Even if Clem is going to die (God, i hope not), These petitions looks stupid and won't change anything. Let telltale do their Stuff. Things. They're great with it.

  • I agree with OP. It would force me to never buy* a Telltale game again and I don't want that :P. Games are fundamentally made for fun right? Spreading joy? Granted TWD is a really dark universe, it's still always enjoyable... I think killing our darling Clementine would be torturing the fans, it would cross a line. In my pretty strong opinion TWD games are the single best pieces of entertainment, but if they'd do that, it would cross the line and not really be entertainment anymore... However weird that sounds xD

    I also think it would ruin the future of TWD games, she's the main character that should be followed through the whole series to watch her grow throughout all of them. It is after all a series revolving around choice, so all the seasons' choices should be carried over to the next. Which is only possible via Clem imo.

    Anyway, /signed! (hope signing this petition doesn't do more harm than good, damn twisted TT minds :P)

  • Jesus Christ, LET TELLTALE MAKE DO WHAT THEY WANT, NOT WHAT THE FANS WANT! If they want to kill off Clem, ok, no need to force them to keep a character alive just because you like the character.

    • I certainly don't want to offend anyone, so I hope you and no one else take this the wrong way, just voicing my opinion :).

      I would agree with your statement, if it weren't for Clementine, imo, being pretty much the single thing that makes this game SO great.
      Even in the perfect S1, take Clem away, and what you have is a really great game. A top game, among the world's best. But not the best piece of entertainment ever. She is what made the game so unique, she made you REALLY care about what happened, she drove all of your decisions etc. Lee is my second fave character of all (after Clem ofc :p) because of his relationship with Clementine. He would just be another great character if it weren't for her. It would all feel more empty, matter less you know.

      A good example for me would be 400 days. I liked it, it was a good game, but that was it. I almost forgot about what happened in it when S2 released, I really needed to think about it before starting S2, whereas I remembered the stuff that mattered in S1 very well, still half traumatized by the ending :P. Also TWD tv-show, which is totally awesome so far imo (I only finished S3 atm), but again what makes this so much better, is that the tv-show is lacking a char like Clem.

      I apoligize for my possibly weird view on it all, but just my opinion, I never cared for any fictional char as much as I do for Clem :D

      TL;DR: Clem is more than just an important character.

  • I'm in.

    I mean,

    I'M IN.

    Fucking in.If Clem dies,i swear to God i'll...Well,i wouldn't stop playing the games,that would just be stupid,but i would cry my eyes out and would go to the hospital,only for the doctors to realize my feels are FUBAR,and Telltale would be sued and they would have to pay for my funeral,which would have 3 goats and a French clown.You wouldn't want that,Telltale...

    Just kidding,i still love ya! (=^・ω・^)y=

  • I've just realized that my previous comment made me look like a total prick,but...

    I DO love Clem...

    However,i trust Telltale.I think that,whatever they do,they will make the right decision...Of course,a few(millions) feels will be...You know,but...They will do the right thing,i'm sure.When's the last time they did the WRONG thing,anyway?

    I have faith in TTG.We'll...We'll be fine...

  • Are you crazy? The more TTG will see you want Clem to be alive, the more likely they will kill her!


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