When does Telltale....

edited March 2014 in The Wolf Among Us

....usually give infos(vines,pics,soon stuff) about a release of an episode after they released other episode?
I mean,how much do you think we have to wait untill we hear news about TWAU ep3?


  • There's already a thread about episode 3 just look around and you will probably find it and it takes them a lot of time to talk about it.

  • I have four words for you when it comes to Telltale updates: don't hold your breath. ;)

    I'm just kidding. I only say that because sometimes they can take forever to update their customers on progress/release dates. Hopefully, they'll be speedier with this upcoming episode. Like papai46 said, there's a release date thread somewhere around here where this gets discussed extensively and where we all can vent our impatient frustrations after it's been several months with no word from TTG. ;)

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