EP.2 Release Date Europe ( Ireland )

Hey everyone, this may have been posted here already but I'd rather not browse the forum and run the risk of spoiling the episode. Does anyone know when Ep.2 will be released in Europe? I heard there was a two week delay for localization reasons, is this correct? It's a little frustrating having to wait even longer for the Episode to come out. Replies appreciated. :)


  • 41 people viewed this topic and no one has any info? I want to play the game I've payed for, It's been two weeks so why can't I download the episode?

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    Its already out in Europe. Its out in UK I don't know about Ireland. What platform are you on?

    Edit: Checked the dates, it should be out on all the supported platforms.

  • Yeah man it wasn't showing on the PS store for whatever reason, but I went into the "episodes" menu and it popped up, downloading now. Thanks for the help John!

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