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Does anyone think Rick Grimes of the comic series will ever make a brief cameo into TWD game series?

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Just a brief cameo similar to how Glenn and Herschel from the comic books made guest appearances in season 1 of the walking dead video game series and how they made that sort of tie in neatly with the comic series.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    I'm actually pretty surprised that the only ones we ever had came from the first episode. And no, I don't think we will. Simply because Telltale don't seem too keen on doing it. I mean, we're on the second season now and Hershel and Glenn are the only comic characters to STILL only have an appearance.

    Plus, doesn't the game actually take a place a little bit ahead of the comics now in the timeline? Or are they roughly the same?

    • With Season 2 currently out now. I really don't have the slightest clue about where they are simultaneously as far as with the comic's timeline is concerned. I would imagine that it is current comic time events like the most recent and latest issue. Because with TellTale's series they had a 16 month time-skip with the first episode "All That Remains" after we see the younger Clementine possibly 6 or several months after just having left or mercy killed Lee in "No Time Left". In addition I do not know how the "400 days episode" fits in between the two seasons and all the rest of this.

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      Sanders12 BANNED

      No. The game is still a few months behind the comic by my calculations. We know that Rick's group has already been through two winters and most or all of a spring, and that the infection started sometime late summer/early autumn. I'm going to go with it starting somewhere around early-mid August based on a comment by Morgan in the x-mas one-shot where he said "It's been about 5 months since this all started." Also I don't think we ever made it to Winter in Season one because from the comic we know it started snowing relatively early in the season for Georgia, but we know it was getting pretty cold by the end, and we know that at least 3 months pasted with Mark as part of the group from his comments during episode 2. "I can't believe we went through all that commissary food in 3 months!" So I'm going to say Season 2 ended by either October or November of the first year. Adding 16 months puts us in either February, or March of year 2 AI (After Infection), or 2005 if we're going off the 2003 start date.

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        CathalOHara Moderator

        Did you forget to add the extra months between the end of Season One and Season Two's prologue or am I just misreading it? Christa's more noticeably pregnant by then, could say it would add 6-9 months even.

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          Sanders12 BANNED

          Oh yea. Thanks for reminding. Ok, so if we account for Christa's pregnancy that puts us anywhere from July to December 2005, and that would put us ahead of the comic I believe. Good catch, completely forgot about that.

  • No, but I hope to see Glenn again.

  • To be honest, I would prefer that TellTale keep its TWD universe separate from Kirkman's. Frankly, I do not like what Kirkman has been doing with TWD since around the issue 70-80 mark. I like to think that Rick's arc ended with the prison and that TellTale has taken up the torch.

  • I don't understand what the appeal would be of having cameos of comic book or tv show characters in the game. Is there anything wrong with characters that are developed by TT? The way I see it is, having those characters appear poses a high risk while gaining little to nothing game wise. Think about it. One of the things that make the games so great is the exploration of the characters. When you meet new characters you try to find out who they are or what their agenda might be. You observe their behavior and kind of try to categorize them. But then something unexpected might happen and you see them in a new light. Take Nick for example. At first, I thought that he is just an asshole, but when he apologized I changed my mind. Seeing him talk to Pete, Luke and Clementine really helped me to understand what kind of guy he is and where he is coming from.
    Now imagine that TT had replaced Nick with another character from the comics. In that case, we would already know from the beginning what kind of guy that person is. We might already know the backgroundstory etc. Furthermore the big risk would be that people might get upset, if somehow the canon gets screwed up. Now this would be especially true if one of the major characters appeared, like RIck or Carl. In the end, I think that cameo-characters would only limit TTs ability to tell a story in their game. So, to come back to the starting question of this thread:
    Do I think, that Rick Grimes will make an appearance in the Games? I certainly hope, that he doesn't.

  • I don't think so. If comic characters were to make an appearance in the game they would have to do a lot of work to make sure the timelines match up. I'm not really in favor of it, but I'll admit I'm a little curious as to what would happen if Clementine were to interact with Carl. Their personalities seem very different and yet they were both brought up in the apocalypse.

  • I not a 100% sure, but I think the game takes place roughly where the comics are now, so no I say the odds of having anymore cameos is next to nil.

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