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Hello people,

I am new to this forum so i want to tell you my story first. When i first played twd some months ago i had no expactations. But after playing it and feeling the story & the characters just made me love this game. It's the best one i've played so far, and im looking forward for the new episodes! Because of my deep love for this game i bought season 1 retail version and wanted to activate it on steam ( I know this problem is not rare, i read all about it). I already send a ticket with a copy of my bill, the game and the packing itself. the community support told me to wait, until they figure out what to do. I am waiting for days now and i want to play the first season again before getting the second one. I mean it's not a problem where you need a lot of time i guess. I just need a cd key for steam to activate my product that i purchased. I hope you can just help me and let this all behind you. I would be really thankful. Sorry if i sound offensive, doenst mean to!

Greetings, Nexus


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    If you have already sent a ticket to our Support Staff, you should be hearing back from us in the next 24 hours. I thank you for your patience as our Support Staff are working hard to answer every support ticket in the order they receive them.

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