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Most TERRIFYING thing so far in TWD.

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What do you think is the most terrifying thing to happen so far in the game?

You get the walkers for sure but it can also be kinda scary when there is a hostile group around like the bandits or Carver chasing you, I also found going into Crawford a daunting prospect before you find out it is overrun. Plus there is also the occasional psychopath like the 'Guy on the radio' who was scary at first but then he just turned out to be some sad dude, oh and don't forget Nate too! He's a hell of a nutjob.

For me I think the scariest is the massive zombie hoard that follows Lee's group to Savanah via the railroad track, there was thousands of them and it's the same hoard that Lee has to fight through in the last episode of the season. You first see them when Ben shouts "There's something coming!" and it's what looks like a massive swarm of bees on the horizon!

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Pretty unpopular opinion my one, but the very first walker you kill, the police officer. Anyone remember when you're putting the shell in the shotgun only for it to fall out again? Generally the first-person view moments were always quite thrilling. Shame Season Two hasn't done them as much, I found them really cool.

  • I be honest i do not scare easy but when lee had nightmare about clem as zombie i nearly sh** my pants shock rushed to my head danger of death then realization of what happen to clem my head overloaded in that 2 second cutscenes very well done.
    Everytime lost Clem and went missing i was so scared never see her again
    When i got bitten fell to my knees in fear and when ended up dieing fear and anger was immense to many feels for me to handle

    • Yeah, this freaked me out quite a bit because it was just after a very gut-wrenching scene, and I could barely think about what would have to be done with Duck, then suddenly Clem "turns". All I could think was, "What the fuck is going on!" Everything just got ramped up into sheer terror for that moment, and it was unlike anything I've ever experienced in a game in my life.

  • The slow burn tension of s01e02 was very well done. You could tell something was wrong at the St John's farm. You knew they were hiding something. The tension just kept building and building until the dinner table scene. When I had to run down the stairs to stop Clem eating Mark's leg I was panicking.

    • That was a really good episode. It was, in my opinion, when the s*** starts to really hit the fan. It's all downhill from that moment (when Mark is discovered) on. You could totally tell something was up with the St. Johns too. They had very sinister-looking eyes. The most effective thing in that episode was the transition from morning to evening. When you first arrive, it's morning/early afternoon, the sun is shining, these people give you good homemade food, they seem to live in a miniature, self-sustainable utopia. Then, you go out with Mark and he gets shot with the arrow. When you return, it's a bit later in the day, getting darker. Next, you go off with Andy to look for the bandits, Jolene gets shot. You return and the sun is setting and storm clouds are forming in the distance. Then, you find the back room of the barn and it's dark outside. Next, dinnertime and finding Mark and all hell breaking loose. When you finally escape it's black outside and there's a big thunderstorm going on. I LOVED that progression. It really helped create the mood. Sorry for the long post, by the way. I just love that episode. It was really well done.

  • For me it was when Clem was out in the woods alone. I had no idea what kind of survival experience Christa has taught Clem but it was clear she wasn't done teaching her when Christa said something about Clem needing to learn how to build and maintain a fire.

  • When Lee got bit.

  • For me it was that random-tombie in the shed of se1ep4 in Crowfort it shocked me to death

  • The moment i realized that Kennys godlike Mustache is dead!

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    When we were held hostage by Cannibals and we had to kill one of our group, That was just a fucked up yet Great Episode

  • I could name plenty of those moments but i'll just pick one. In S2 ep2 end when Carver took Clem hostage and pointed a gun at her, i know he couldn't had killed her, but damn that moment scared me... Made me wish to bring Lee back just for that moment so he could kick his sorry ass.

  • when you have to pick up the keys. god that scared me.

    • With the police officer, in s1 e1 right? They fell right next to his mouth, and I was like, "shit, where is the slide them with my foot option?" Yeah, that was a small moment of panic for me, I thought for sure Lee was losing a hand in the first 10 minutes lol.

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