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Saves mysteriously vanished, never to be seen again?

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I was playing the first part of 400 Days and decided to call it quits for the night after beating one of the episodes. The first thing I noticed after opening up the game the next day was the fact that it opened windowed and in another resolution, and then it asked me if I wanted to play with the standard or minimal UI. Saves didn't show up when I went to check, so I tried a few of the 'solutions' on the TTG support forums. Needless to say, none of them worked. The biggest problem would probably be the fact that I could not locate the prefs.prop file inside the app (right click, show package contents, etc).

I've already turned off steam syncing, but I'd rather not replay the game again. Thanks for your help!

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    Please move the prefs.prop file from

    /Users/carlo/Library/Application Support/Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead to a folder on your desktop, and rename it prefs.prop.bak.

    Then move the prefs.prop file from /Users/carlo/Desktop/ORIGINALprefs.prop to the Telltale Games/TheWalkingDead folder as specified above and rename it prefs.prop. This one is 144 kb and is the prefs.prop with the data of the complete playthrough.

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