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Does anyone feel like these episodes are getting worse?

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-Hub areas are completely gone

-Very short

-No puzzles at all

-No engaging conversations

-This episode also written by a fucking former forum moderator(Seriously?)

I think next episode will be even worse than this. Whadda you guys think ?

  • I believe season 2 has already been effected by this split up....... It's a damn shame. I know it gives someone else a opportunity to shine but I would prefer for the experiment to be TWAU or something like that and not TWD...

  • Episode one was pretty disappointing... until you see the slide for episode four.


  • Nope, I think that, aside from the 'Deus Ex Makenny', episode 2 was better than episode 1.

    It was unarguably longer as well, so I don't see why length is one of your points.

  • nope i felt all that remains was better than long road ahead and a new day, and i also felt that a house divided was the second best episode out of all walking dead episodes, i don't feel puzzles are very important in an episode, hub's just drag the episode out a little longer (they aren't completely gone, the station in episode 2 and the ski lodge, sure they were short but they were there) and what does it matter if it was written by a forum moderator?

    • Oof, I don't really see how All That Remains was better than Long Road Ahead!

      That episode had serious strokes of genius (just because a good character died, it doesn't make them bad writers. In fact, the fact that we cared so much when they died shows just how successful they are!) and made us care more about every single character.

      This game was my first introduction to the walking dead universe, and Long Road Ahead taught me an important lesson: no-one is safe, everyone is going to die eventually. There's no way around that. And that just made me care even more about Clem.

  • Episode 2 is longer than episode 1, yes there arent puzzles like in season 1 (Im saying there arent so many as on season 1), but I can live with that! Story is good (I think) I think epsiode 3 will bring us something, (i hope) Anyway The walking Dead is my favourit TTG game and WILL be, because yeah it is TWD.

  • Down voting this once was simply not enough.... Ima get Washington on the phone, see if we cant arrange more down votes.

  • -Hub areas are completely gone

    Yeah, many of us want those back. Go comment on threads related to that, it's the best chance we've got of TT noticing we want them back.

    -Very short

    Kind of the byproduct of having no hubs/downtime to talk to people.

    -No engaging conversations

    Debatable. I loved the banter we had in A House Divided, my only problem with it is that it sometimes felt too much like exposition. Much of it advanced the plot and got the point across, but we are still in the dark on who these people are. What drives them, other than fear of Carver? Much of this we can infer, but it is better IMO to hear that from their own mouths.

    -This episode also written by a fucking former forum moderator(Seriously?)

    Who is that? Forum Moderators can also be Telltale Staff. Besides, we should judge based on the quality of their work, not what they used to do.

    -No puzzles at all

    I do miss me some puzzles, but those were a thing that, like hubs, were deemed too pace-breaking by some people. I really thought this season would have some more, since Clem is definitely a smart girl, and doesn't have all the advantages of an adult. The final "puzzle" you help Clem solve at the end of No Time Left seemed to support that idea.

    I can live without them, but it would be good to see TT sticking a little to their roots. Put on too much cinematic make-up and you end like a (current) David Cage production.

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