How much excited you are ???

Me very much bevause this game is really very amazing and their will be shooting in this game but in telltale kind of like in the walking dead ..two protagoinsts fiona and rhys was controlled by players..very excited ..i also have one question to telltale games what kind of set up was in this game one protagoinist play full episode like episode 1 played by rhys and then episode 2 played by fiona or episode 1'is complete playing by fiona and rhys ?!!share your thoughts here


  • I think the protagonists will switch in between acts. This would not be the first time that Telltale has made a game with two playable protagonists, as they also did the same thing with Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures. Also, you could technically say the same about Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse, but that was more from a gameplay perspective.

  • im not that excited... sorry

  • We play one episode by both protagonists or each protagonist has its one episode ?? Thats my question

  • Telltale has not announced that yet. As I mentioned above, if Telltale's Wallace and Gromit game is any indication, you will probably play as both protagonists in one episode - switching which protagonist you play as based on what act you are on in an episode.

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  • I want to be excited because I love TTG's but I never played a borderlands game

  • -0 butt I meight chang me mind

  • only played a bit of Border lands so not much but it's TT so i'll probably buy it anyway

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    Meh, not really that big of a fan of borderlands. Not sure if TT's version will be much better. The game of thrones could be pretty cool though. But as the guy above said i'll likely buy it anyway - since it's by TT - and see what it's like.

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  • Not cool dude, not everyone's first language on this forum is english - give the guy a break.

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    English isn't my first language either, but you're right. c:

    Sorry for making fun of your English, Lover_of_walkingdead.

  • Some people are just douchebags!

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    I apologized.....

    That doesn't make it go away, true, but I don't think it warrants you guys to call me a 'bloody bastard' and a 'douchebag'.

    I'd be those things if I didn't. If you want me to truly be those things, just tell me. You'll see a 360°.

    Guess you can't please everybody. Whatever.

  • Slightly harsh their, i agree with sparrow7, he apologised(which is more than what most people do these days on the net) and that's fair enough. No need to swear at the guy.

  • I am really excited for this game. I have been a fan of Borderlands since the beginning and i love how it evolved into the funny and insane world that it is.
    After seeing the trailer I was happy to see that someone was interested in keeping Pandora alive. I read a review on some gamer mag talking about changes they wanted in the game, one being leave Pandora and its junkyard atmosphere. That is part of the charm of borderlands. Pandora is a rat hole. I believe that is why the craziness works so well there. I am sure there are many more locations on the planet that have not been visited and each time a new one is revealed I am awestruck with the creativity to design that went into the final product.

    Seeing the return of Handsome Jack (the Jack-hole you love to hate) made me very excited as well.

  • I would be excited, but it will probably be 2017 by the time the last episode comes out so i'm holding off to see what sorts of "delays" telltale will have next, if its a two month wait between ep 1 and 2 i'm not buying until its finished and on offer.

    Telltales games are hit and miss too, the quality of the walking dead is not their standard by any means, most games made before the walking dead were ok...

  • I'm much excited so wow

  • I might play it,idk.

  • Not at all....

    Sorry, but I just can't warm up to the game, as much as I try.

    What I'm DEFINITLEY excited about though is the Game of Thrones game, and I'm sad this game is the first to be released

  • I'm on board with EpicMustacheGuy, I just cant get excited for anything TTG related besides TWD & TWAU.

  • That.
    Game of Thrones seems like the perfect candidate for choice & consequence to me.

    I'm giving Borderlands the benefit of doubt.
    I love the FPS game, I just can't imagine it as an adventure game (yet).

  • me be very excited game good look

  • That why I bought Borderlands 2 and I love it and am very excited for TFTB

  • I guess will have to wait to see :/

  • I'm not excited, but I wasn't for TWAU so...

    I'm really excited for Game of thrones game!

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    I'm growing more excited about it the more I play of 'Borderlands'. I hadn't touched the franchise prior to the announcement of 'Tales...' (out of complacency, not disincentive), but decided a couple of months to finally get around to it. And I've actually been loving it. I'm not a big FPS fan, and they generally bore me after a little while, but this one has kept me engaged; it's got a lot of character. And for that reason, I think it's a really good choice for Telltale.

  • im not excited nut il definitly be picking the game up unlike the game of thrones wich i wont be buying

  • I'm not too excited about this because i never played borderlands , but i will sure be checking this game out because i might like it , telltale are kind of making games that doesn't require you to play or know details about the previous series like in TWD and TWAU .

  • I am also excited so now...........

  • I just got excited because of the new details that were revelead haaargh i want it now

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