• Clem will probaply be alive at the end and maybe we will see Christa again in episode5, when we arrived at Wellington.

    I think either Luke or Kenny will survive aswell...maybe we will have to make a big decision like who of them we want to save.

    I think everyone else are goners, before it all ends!

  • The original creater of this theory is:

    There's a lot of reference in that Episode 4 is a "Preparation for War" episode, where Clementine and others are preparing to attack Carver's group to rescue the others. I'm just gonna roll on a hypothetical for that one.

    Let's say at the end of episode 4 the attack fails. Who knows why - maybe Carver was ready for them. Maybe there was a spy on the attack reporting on their movements. Regardless, everyone ends up being captured or killed and at the end of the episode, coincidentially, a blizzard kicks up like the one on the episode screen. Clem who was hired with a task of stealth for the attack, which has been common through both seasons, stays out of the thick of the fighting unseen by everyone, ends up with a decision: stay in the dark and fight against Carver - or run into the blizzards, unknowing of the dangers but escaping Carver's wrath. Surrender seems to guarantee death or torture. Think Carlos' broken fingers times unlimited. There's definitely no limit for Carver, especially on an attempt to overthrow and kill him.

    If you stay and fight, Clementine must find a way to free the others, of which there are many dangers. First is that she's entirely on her own, no others thinking of a plan for her. Second, she's outnumbered. For all we know 50 to 1. Third is that she would have to take severe precautions in order to manoeuvre the base. Maybe it would involve jumping rooftops, which in a blizzard would be even worse or sneaking through vents which would utilize her small size. Maybe when she's moving through the unknown she could hear the maniacal screams of her captured comrades through the darkness and the cold.

    If you run away, you escape Carver's reach with the betrayed eyes of those that trusted Clementine at your back, their fates unknown. On one hand, maybe this option sounds too cowardly for Clementine, so maybe there'd be some other incentive: say that Christa survives and calls for Clem to escape with her, saying that she's sorry for not finding her sooner and saying everything will be ok now. When walking through the cold, they're both shivering, Christa all the while explaining what happened to her after the bandit attack. But Clementine struggles to listen - the combined encumbrance of the storm and her inner demons wearing her down. Her guilt, referenced many times throughout the season already, catching up to her. She collapses to the snow, succumbing to her inner guilt and thinking about her mistakes of the past. The voices of those that survived with her tormenting the decisions that were made, even the players unable to respond, the decisions given to them constantly changing to correspond to Clementine's state of mind. A spectre was seen in the unseen haze beyond, but her eyes grew weary, with the backs and voices of those that were with her throughout the apocalypse appearing as she closes her eyes, confronting her accumulated guilt under a cold borne hallucination.

    Loneliness is definitely a theme here I think, and as written above I think Clementine's guilt in some form will confront her. I'm very curious about this episode. Afraid? Definitely. "No Going Back" gives me the impression Clementine will have to make the most difficult choice of her life in this episode. If this is the end of TWD with no S3 in sight (of which I hope there is a S3 however) this should be the best episode in the whole series.

  • Kenny and Luke are standing next to each other looking down.

    Kenny leans down and places an object in a hole in the ground.

    Luke picks up a shovel and starts to fill the hole.

    Camera lowers to reveal the hole is a grave. Inside is Clementine. The object Kenny placed inside, her hat.

    Queue tears.

  • I don't know why, but I got a feeling by the end of episode 4, everyone is dead outside of one other person, now who that person is I don't know, Luke, Kenny, who knows, and the last episode is in Wellington, and I got a feeling knowing TWD, its going to be a ghost town and it end with Clem along again, and that is being hopeful, god I remember back in April 2012 I was so optimistic, thinking only the assholes will die, god, look at me now, this game has changed me.

    • If everyone died in episode 4, what would they do for Episode 5?
      They'll keep more then just Clementine and one other person.

      • I have no idea how episode 5 is going to play out, we got a good idea for episode 3, and a little bit for 4, but 5, we got nothing on 5, hell we don't even know if it's Wellington, I am pretty sure it is, but we don't know, I personally hope a good amount of people survive into episode 5, but if this game has taught me anything, its that death comes far to easy, and far to often.

  • Everyone will die like in season 1, I expect Clem to walk into the sunset and be like, "What now?" Season 3 confirmed.

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