• Don't like it don't buy it.

    • The man didn't say he didn't like it. Comments like that are hardly constructive. He gave his reasons for disliking certain aspects of the episode, as I did. That doesn't mean we didn't enjoy it overall.
      It just means that many people would like to see the game continue to improve. If you don't like criticism then might I suggest you avoid such threads in the future.
      To use your terms, if you don't like it don't read it.

    • "Don't like it don't buy it."

      What if the person bought a season pass? If like most people they have paid in advance before knowing if they will like the 2nd season as much as the last, then what? I suppose you could say don't download it but then it would be a waste of money to not try what you have paid for.

      I think people are invested into Clem's story because of the quality of season 1 so people are going to want to see how it plays out regardless. When KIrkman puts out a weaker issue than the last I don't stop buying the walking dead comics because I am invested in Rick's story but I might complain if I think an issue wasn't of the quality I've come to expect.

  • As snakecharmerofborg said, It is not that I do not like the game. I never said that. What I dislike is stated above.
    As far as "Don't like it don't buy it." Well I guess it is a bit too late when you buy the whole season based on last seasons brilliance. Oh, not to mention that you can not buy 1 episode and decide if you want to go on. You have to buy the whole season for PC. So in all respect, think before you post.

    I have replayed Season 2 several times to try to feel out various alternatives to choices. And I have, for my self, found the above statements to be true.

    I loved The Walking Dead Season 1. The entire thing was brilliant. I fail to see the same brilliance in season 2.

  • Best episode yet however if I had to pick something then I still think it would be good to have dialogue trees with people again however I do think that this was likely changed as they were unable to use any of the conversations as choices (due to many people just skipping over them).

    However everything else was an improvement on what I wanted

    1. People's fates being determinant (and it not being your choice, you just influence it)
    2. Shooting requiring accuracy
    3. Small changes in fight scenes (you can attack different enemies in different ways)
    4. Better looking than ever, Lip syncing/ Walkers were top notch
    5. No stuttering on console (i never thought that would happen)
    6. Difficult decisions

    So yeah this episode was perfect for me my only little gripe was that the camera angles and walking around is a little awkward. But small things really

  • The thing I found strange was turning off the turbine, nor Carlos or Sarita knew what to do, so they decided to "hey let Clem try to turn it off" all you needed to do was turn the key lol. Anyway it still was one of the greatest episodes!!

    • There should've been walkers harrasing them, then it was justified to have the adults watch her back. But there was no real urgency when Clem turned off the turbine, so there was no need to have all the grown ups on guard. Still, it's not such a big deal to me and, like you said, this is one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead so far. And that is saying something!

  • I'm not dissapointed with the epiosde, i loved it overall!
    But i do agree with your point about the episode being quite short!
    Also, i hope in future episodes we have more time to walk around and talk to characters.

  • I had pretty much the opposite reaction.

    1. Length felt fine. Would I like more? Well, would I like more ice cream, whisky or sexytime… of course I would. But it was a more satisfying length than s01e05 or s02e01 were.
    2. It felt less linear than the previous episode. Choices felt meaningful. Action sequences were well paced.
    3. I got to know the cabin group much better. Bonded with a couple of them. Interaction with Carver was great – menacing, mysterious.
  • Shooting requiring accuracy

    Are you kidding me? There was no way to get an accurate shot. You could spam the fire button and get the same result as carefuly placed and timed shots. That is my point on this instalment.

    Small changes in fight scenes (you can attack different enemies in different ways)

    Yeah, you could hit a zombie in the knee and slow it down before hitting it in the head, or just hit it in the head, (on the bridge) but that does not translate to every fight. The one I stated above you always miss head shots on some so they can bleed your gun dry. That is the illusion of choice. Your aiming didn't matter in that scene.

    As for your choices 1,4,5 and 6 well that has been the same as in Season 1. Always looked good on PC. I have not experienced stuttering on PC. And Difficult choices are always a hallmark of this game. But while I have had choices, I have not really found them to be "Difficult" as of yet.

    • Actually I just replayed and I disagree

      If you slow your aim movement down clem's wavering lowers and you can make the shots much easier. I got down to just one walker coming at me. Originally in a panic I had four still coming.

    • Slow down, let them come closer. Aim, let the reticule stay there for a bit, BAM! It's almost guaranteed you will get a headshot. You will fail a couple of shots, but that is on purpose. You can, however, have only one walker left "alive" as @Firewallcano says.

  • I do not like the fact that with dialogue we can decide the fate of a character (in this case, Alvin) ... This thing should be done with the choices, but not with an answer to a dialogue, because a person could feel bad to know that just because he said "Carver No!" instead of "Kenny No!" Alvin die ...

    Let's hope it does not happen anymore. (mine is just an opinion, not a criticism)

    • Actually i liked this cause it gives more importance to the dialogue you have to be careful about what you say and you never know which effects that line would bring later and remember words are very powerful they can start wars and finish them

  • I understand now why It feels ... "less" ... than Season 1. In Season one Lee Spoke what he was thinking as he examined things. Which added detail and context.

    In Season 2, Ep 2 Clem does not comment on many things.

    1. I'm sick of people whining about time. I still don't see the difference. And this episode has so many scenarios and events that it felt longer than most.
    2. The game mechanics are the same as last episode and almost the same as last season. Why do you complain about not getting a fricking headshot at first try with a character that presumably has barely used guns in her life? Remember that people ask for realism? Just 'cause you aim at something doesn't mean you'll hit it. And you CAN get a headshot on certain walkers if you wait for them to get close enough.
    3. Why does it seem that there's always someone who complains about dialog or writing? Did Nick not talk about his past and Luke's? Isn't everyone afraid for him and his sanity? Did we not see a different, less bitchy side of Rebecca? Did we not finally meet Carver and confirm he's the baby's presumed father?

    People, not just critics, are lauding this episode, even the ones that hated the first one. There are some things I miss, such the more open dialog on season 1, which was such a good way to get to know the characters, but I wouldn't change a damn thing about this episode. Frankly, I don't agree with any of your points and what you say doesn't make sense to me at all.

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