• I think we need to wait until Carver is no longer the antagonist to judge which us better.

    • I agree. I want to see how much Carver develops but so far he has the edge.

      • True. But also you have to take into account the stranger was the antagonist for a very brief period of time and for the most part a specific event. Carver seems like a more broad antagonist and has already been the big bad guy for longer than the stranger. Time frame alone he will be the better/worse antagonist. (Which ever is better... or worse? Confusing myself :p )

  • Carver. By a long shot.

  • We haven't seen Carver's true motives. If in EP3 it turns out he's just power hungry and wants to have slaves work around his camp and that there aren't crazier and darker things actually happening inside then i'll say the stranger was a better antagonist.

  • I can already safely say Carver, the Stranger was less of an antagonist, more a reflection of your choices, who happen to kidnap Clementine, Carver means business, from the look of it, he will move mountains just to get his unborn child, crazy or not that is devotion.

  • Also on a side note, Carver was in only two scenes in episode 2, yet when I think about episode 2, I always think of Carver first, that says a lot.

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