Pete remembers everything!

In the truck when Pete is dying you can give him a smoke.
(?) Pete will remember that.
Oh, telltale
Pete will definitely remember that and COMPLETELY CHANGE the STORY.



  • (?) Pete will remember this thread.

  • I think it was just to make the player feel more upset about his death.

  • He would've remembered that if he lived, which is what I think the game was trying to convey. It was also probably added in to make his loss have a bigger impact on the player, as it gave some of us a glimmer of hope that he just might live.

  • Still not as Infamous as (?) Carley will Remember That... 10 Seconds Later... BAM She won't no more

  • well, she remembered for 10 seconds, so it wasn't a lie, I guess.

  • Yeah I guess you're right , That still doesn't make people feel better though.

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    Pete: let's go fishing they said, it will be fun they said

  • Pete DID remember that. Just because he was dying doesn't mean his memory span shrinks to that of a goldfish. That happens AFTER death.

  • Yep, to this day I have still not forgot that, I guess we should have learned by now, that remembering something does not mean you will live that much longer.

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    Pete rememberd that i gave him a bottle full of water, fuck the dying man on the river!

  • Yeah, fuck the dying man at the river, let's save the water for the dying man in the truck!

  • Should have said Pete appreciates that instead.

  • You mean the dying hero in the truck!?

  • I think it's great that way, because you can't guess what is going to happen to the characters.

    "X will remember that". Ok... When or where is this choice going to help me in the future? (Is what we're thinking when we play).

  • I've gotten to thinking, "X will remember that? Probably not. I'd say his shelf life just halved because of that."

  • I've always preferred to keep those notifs turned off. It's more fun not knowing which of my f***-ups are going to explode in my face later.

  • Me too... Damn shame you can't do that in TWD S2 or TWAU.

  • i always thought pete's death was rather annoying. i wanna know who pulled him out of the truck and shot him. there's no reason to tell him to tell nick what he thinks, no reason to give him the water, it makes no difference if you let him help you and leave him in the truck, or convince him to run with you. it's really odd. the blood is like he was dragged or crawled off, but the walkers wouldn't have let him actually do that while he was alive, and yet he was face up with his guts ripped out and shot when found, the blood marks are also on the total opposite side of the vehicle from the front seat, which is where i left him. i suppose i could see him try to go under, but the walkers came from the back, and would have gone under from that side, as well, so it just makes no sense for him to have gotten back up from the rear of the truck... imo, his death is another huge plot hole. it's like they had intended to do more, and then said "fuck it, we'll just let nick live for now."

    thinking of it that way, it explains a little more about the next time scene for episode 1. in front of the lodge, you see matthew and walter next to eachother during the initial confrontation, so getting pete to live, would have been the way to keep matthew alive, but since that option got pulled...

  • I actually rather liked the Pete death scene. You would give him the water to make his dying moments more comfortable. I'm not quite sure what "no reason to tell him to tell nick what he thinks," exactly means. As for Pete dying the same way whether or not you leave him in the truck, that's true I guess, but TWD is littered with choices like that, and I don't see that changing any time soon. The blood could have been from coming back and dragging himself, only to be kicked over by whoever shot him, and then he got shot. He probably came back, and walkers sort of wander, so I could see him ending up on the other side of the damn river. I don't think the "fuck it, let Nick live" was what it was, though. I think they wanted Nick to live the whole time, but made this final episode choice false to show you how little influence Clem has, which is really fucking lame in my opinion, but whatever. Episode 2 more than made up for it.

    I could see that happening, but I think it got pulled because A) Pete died, and B) There was no fucking way they would have Walter not simply murder Nick for that whole episode that came after, and they needed Walter.

  • I gave water to the dying man at the river :( I now regret that choice as much as dropping Ben.

  • he really meant get your winks while you can, because for him those were his last winks :(

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    Um.. you can. In fact, I haven't even played with the standard U.I. once. I've always done the minimal layout. People should know that their choices will always affect the opinions of those around them. If anything, I found it quite obnoxious and that it pulled me away from the story. Like some kind of fucking public relations fairy sitting on my shoulder.

  • Wait, how? It's not in the options.

  • You regret dropping Ben?


  • if pete had lived, nick wouldn't have gone all unstable. on the bridge, nick says "if alvin was up front, he takes the shot." had pete made it through, nick probably would have hung back to help pete, feeling responsible, which would have left alvin to take the lead. from what we've seen of alvin, while he apparently has killed a person (George), he doesn't seem the type to make the same sort of decision as nick. matthew lives, they take a break for rebecca before moving up the lodge. i think letting pete live was originally planned, but cut because the ripples became too great, and the project was feeling rushed as it is.

    it removes a plot point, since if matthew doesn't die, then there's no problems between them and walter, but it's not like some other point of contention couldn't have been added if they actually tried. the walker invasion would have been a great time to kill matthew and pete off at the hands of carver, the walkers, or a misfire from walter. walter, who actually witnesses, or even causes, matthew's death in this line, can have a more emotional death while looking at the picture of the two of them. the episode more or less ends with the same people surviving or dieing, and episode 3 doesn't get cluttered up by more than a few references while still making it feel like your choices aren't just pushed under the rug in favor of the the story's agenda.

  • Um... Pete was dead no matter what. He got bit, and the only doctor was forever away on the other side of the river. Every person that has survived a bite in the comic (which is the same world as the game) has had a bite on a more or less inconsequential part of the body (like Pete's ankle) that was properly amputated, meaning proper closing of the arteries and the like, in 10-15 minutes (unlike Pete's ankle). Nick was gonna be unstable no matter your decision.

    It doesn't, because Pete would die no matter what. Uh, the episode was already pretty long by TTG standards. That's just part of the episodic model. Don't like it? Come back when the game is finished, then you won't have to put up with it. Then you'll have the full game in all its glory. Also, Walter's death was pretty fucking emotional, but not in the boo hoo hoo sort of way, but more in the shocked, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Sort of way. Almost like Carley's death.I'm not sure what "More or less the same surviving or dying" means. If it means largely the same group, you should be fucking furious with season 1, as there was ONE entry (Ben Paul), and ONE exit (poor old Larry) (Not counting Mark, as he did not exist in Episode 1). Everyone else survived. Season 2 had 3 possible exits (Pete, Nick, and Big Al), 1 unknown status (Luke), and 2 entries (Ken and Sarita). I'm also not sure what the final sentence means. Could you rephrase?

  • pete comments that he'd bleed out if he tried to do anything, but if you consider how long it took lee to finally give in to the infection, if the story actually had something to cut off circulation to his leg, pete could have had the time to atleast have his goodbye with nick. that scene, helping to stablize nicks frame of mind, could have kept matthew from dieing. rewatch the next time scene from episode 1, it shows matthew and walter next to eachother at the lodge, which means there was the possibility for there to be a way to not kill him, which got pulled.

    as for my "more or less" statement, i meant that in this theoretical timeline, having pete either survive or atleast live long enough, pete still dies before the episode ends, matthew dies before the end, walter still dies, and alvin has his determinant death. without the killing of matthew, there's no reason for walter to want to kill nick, which would make it the only subplot removed, and his determinant death choice never occurs. in my theoretical timeline. and it's not like there couldn't have some other point of contention added in to pad the time spent at the lodge in its place.

    walter's death scene was somewhat emotional, but i think it could have been more-so if he had actually seen or caused the death. like, put matthew in nick's place in the determinant and either the gun doesn't work, is out of ammo, or he misses/shoots him instead and matthew dies there in front of him. that would be alot more damaging than finding a knife and hearing he got shot off a bridge.

  • He wouldn't be able to walk. He would die. Clem couldn't carry him.

    I don't see why Matthew not dying at the bridge means he still dies. Also, I like the subplot of Nick feeling guilt far more than anything else in the series, so... Yeah.

    Walter's death scene was as emotional as it needed to be for us to hate Carver. Anything more would've felt almost sappy.

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    if pete had stayed inside the van to help clem, and the doors were shut behind her, he would have just stayed in there. they go back to look for him, and poof he's still inside. he may not survive much longer, but there he is.

    i'm saying they could have had matthew killed off at another time so that regardless of your actions, he'll still die, it's just a matter of when. having it done in the walker raid still keeps him out of episode 3. that way he's dead in episode 2 regardless, nick just isn't at fault, or he still could have been, it just would have been in front of walter. even if they didn't change walter's death scene, it would have felt more overwhelming knowing he had actually SEEN matthew die, rather than just assuming and hearing about it. how he reacts after seeing matthew die would give walter's death glance more weight. as it is, we already feel bad about what happened, but to know that he actually saw it happen would have pushed it further. even moreso if he or nick were the direct causes of it. like nick's triggerhappy-ness resulting in him panicking during the attack and shooting matthew, walter sees it happen, nick gets attacked, and walter get his choice. as there would be no dialogue to convince him nick was a nice guy and save him, nick would instead be left to die or outright shot in this timeline (though a new subplot could still re-add the determinant factor to nick's death)

    point is, there was a scene showing matthew and walter together in the next time clip, there were likely plans to not have matthew die no matter what while on the bridge, and i think pete was the key that, whether it be giving him time to talk to nick, or having him live longer than the van, since pete's moment got pulled, the rest did too because it didn't fit. i'd just like to hope all this wasn't pulled due to time constraints on the game...

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    Just open Settings. Go to Gameplay. Then choose the "Minimal" option for the H.U.D. style. That's how it is on the PS3 at least. I don't believe Telltale would change the settings that much across platforms. Especially options that would affect something as important as gameplay.

  • Ha! I droped that fucking shitbird!

  • You dropped Ben Viva-La-Lee? I'm shocked :O

  • They should've hinted at his death by having it say 'Pete would have remembered that'

  • I would have preferred if Pete had been alive when we found him, though it would have been blatant he was going to die. Would've given him and Nick closure.

  • I hated Ben!

    But in my real play through, no, I didn't. Even if I really wanted to :p

    I didn't feel bad about dropping him in my alternate play through, though >:D

  • As much as a fuck up Ben was, I couldn't bring myself hate him or drop him but I see were your coming from, I don't think I can hate Ben because in meany ways, I am like Ben but I don't fuck up like he does, I'm like Ben in the shy sort of way if you know what I mean...

  • Yeah I get you. As long as you didn't fuck up like he did I wouldn't have to drop you >:)


  • In my latest playthrough I did drop him, but hearing him scream in a death he feared most just killed me. At that moment I vowed to never drop Shaggy ever again.

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