Would the group be able to manage life better without Clementine?

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I mean if it wasn't for Clementine, Carlos would have had taken Sarah with everybody to look for Nick/Pete which would obviously not be good. Clementine is young like Sarah so she can give Sarah some good advice and what if Clementine wasn't there at the house at the time Carver came? Also what if Luke went by himself on the bridge? Who would of saved him? Bad people would probably hurt the group less because Clementine is a little girl and they would feel bad. Also...WHAT IF, CLEM WASN'T SUCH A BADASS!?


  • I could live with Clem being less of a badass. I was fine with the stuff she pulled in episode 1, but some of the episode 2 stuff...urgh.

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    But you forgot one fact for me all about clem the group is merely a tool to keep her safe and protected. Like when played TLOU would be better if joel never saved ellie the world would have cure but no killed everyone in hospital to save her. The point is for me when have one thing what important to you especially in that world do anything to protect it everyone else is a potential threat wait what i'm rambling on about back to point.

    But from neutral perspective still don't think so clem is an intelligent person who knows how to survive the zombie apocalypse and deal with the horrors and has lots of inside information about zombies also capable soldier perfect campmate.

    Haven't played episode 2(psn issues) so can't really comment from a view of the results of her joining the camp and the consequences in ep 2 but from episode one everyone needs a clem

  • funny, last time I pointed this out, I got only dislikes.

  • I think Carlos only went out to find Luke because Clem knew where Pete and Nick were, so Luke could stop searching. If Clem werent there, he would have waited for Luke to return to the house

    On the bridge, I imagine Luke would have found a way to climb back up, the two zombies on the bridge probably would have walked straight off trying to get to him

  • Ofcourse Carlos wouldn't have left his beloved daughter alone in the house.

    Luke wouldn't have found a way to glimb back up, Luke would have died if you didn't help him there.

  • I will support you if it needs to be done again.

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