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What Choices if any do you think will come back to haunt you. In Season one alot of our tough decisions we had to answer for when encountered by the stranger. Do you think any of them will be of significance like Burning the Pictures in Clem's bag, Deciding to sit with Luke or Kenny. Others could be Keeping Nick around even though hes proving to be a liability to the group, We all know what can happen if he stays and maybe your compassion for Nick ends up taking someone else in the groups life. - Just some Choices to think about as we wait for Episode 3

  • Luke should understand why we sat with Ken, decision from season 1 that could have an impact mmm i don't really know and S2 maybe some decisions related with Sarah

    Edit: wait, maybe giving water or refusing to give it to the bandit :0

  • Burning the drawing of Kenny and his family will maybe bite some people in the ass later on. I also think showing Sarah how to protect herself could become important in the next episodes. People who didn't gave her the pinky swear to her couldn't do that. Also giving Nick Pete's watch will obviously be important for their relationship.

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