• Carlos told the group that they have to leave after dinner, the only reason why they didn't do it is because they got attacked by Walkers after the dinner was over and because Rebbeca was unable to keep on going. It was only a matter of time untill Carver and his group would have found them. Rebbeca is pregnant, she can't keep running away forever!

    What i would have done? Fuck the cabin group, i would have stayed in the ski loghe with my old friend Kenny, Sarita and Walter. (assuming i am Clementine)

  • How about ambush the hunters? Leave a trail going through an area and then surround it. When the hunters get to that part just take them by surprise.

  • It's so easy for us to say in the comforts of our own homes on what we would or wouldn't do, but if it actually came down to it, we'd probably act differently compared to our predictions. It all boils down to the little details, such as water, food, weapons, rest (Rebecca was pregnant!), etc... There's just so much that comes into play.

    But if my situation was ideal, I'd try to ambush them like how @Carv-err-George suggested. As the saying goes, "You can run, but you can't hide!". There's no way the average individuals could out maneuver and play cat and mouse with a group like Carver's forever, who are in fact hot on their trail.

    • My thought is that if people knew they were being hunted and they found a house in the woods, wouldn't you have sat down with your group and made a contingency plan in case you were found aside from "let's leave the house down the nearest trail"?

      My question is, essentially, you were probably smart enough to make a contingency plan for just such an occasion and the time for it has come. What was your plan?

      The other thing I'm thinking of is the dialogue the characters had. They figured out that Carver was scouting, so they know they have some amount of time before he returns with a posse, and they probably all know that Carver will try to track them if they aren't at the house. Heck, he could be watching you right now. So knowing these things, what would you have done in such a situation?

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    I would just go to the river and play dead there for a few days next to Victor :P

  • I would simply wait for them to come to a narrow point with a rifle and shoot them. Have some cross fire so people on both sides of the trail ect they come walking down bam done problem solved. If they're chasing you like that might as well fight them on your own terms.

  • I would break the group up into pairs. Have a specific meeting location at a specific time. Make sure everyone is armed and has supplies.

    Stay clear of all roads and rivers, those are going to allow the trackers to follow you.

    Meet up when you think it's safe. If you think you can split the hunters up, it's always optimal to turn the hunters into the hunted. Try to pick them off one by one, cut up the bodies and hide them so future trackers won't use it to find you.

    The key here is to break the trackers up. Make them confused in which direction you all went.... and it means that if one pair gets caught.... well the rest of the group lives on.

    That would have been my plan anyway....

  • Should have just hidden under the house, where Clementine got in. Make it look like you left, keep your rifles with you. When Carver and his troops appeared let em' search for a bit and as they're leaving you gun em' down. Job done.

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    Do what Mason does, the hunter becomes the prey.
    "I'm on you Mason, like flies on shit"

    Alt text

  • This is one of my biggest problems with episode two. So the entire group knows people are after them and are getting closer, thanks to Clementine spotting them. Yet, they do nothing about it.
    They just carry on with the decorations and eating etc etc etc. Now Carver only had a small group. The survivors had plenty of time to set traps and get in position, even before the walkers attacked. That to me is terrible writing. It would have been much more convincing if Carver had a larger group, fell for a few traps, lost some men and then overwhelmed them. Or even Clementine's group capturing Carver, then he gets a lucky break, manages to hold Clementine hostage and then the rest of the story plays out. Simple, yet more effective. I don't know who wrote this episode, but whoever it was didn't think the plot through very well.

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