Hidden messages in WOLF Among Us

edited March 2014 in The Wolf Among Us

Through my bigby detective skills i analysed behind the scenes in mermaid brothel and hotel my results were shocking sorry for bad quality used snipping tool and youtube to pause and snip images i seen

Alt text

The cat in back round i think is reference to Puss in Boots coming up

Alt text

Alt text

Find something really weird about this seem to be zoneing in on the importance of smiling found in mermaid room then brothel

Alt text

A reference to ginger possible gingerbread man coming up in next episode

Have few more but didn't upload including few faces pictures on wall in brothel and mermaid room

Also enjoyed the subliminal messages in mermaid room with posters of suicide hotline, Problem with drinking poster and 18-40 strippers can join really set the tone of the scene

Found GG on mermaid make up not sure what means

your thoughts on research or your predictions/theories? free thumbs


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