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Who's that ONE character?

posted by Azlyn on - Viewed by 12.6K users

Who's that ONE character that you know you REALLY love?Asides from Clem...Who IS the character?That one character that you wish would survive with all your heart,that you feel you have a connection with,that you protect no matter what,that you LOVE?Who's that one character that you're sure the demise of would just...Do you in?That would make your feels go positively CRAY,FUBAR,Coo-Coo?

For me,i'm not really sure...But i was just curious.I've seen so many opinions on who the best character is...But that is just,kinda,talking in general.Who's that character for YOU?The one you really feel everyone should love.Everyone has a different opinion,different reasons...Asides from Clem,i repeat.

So who is it?

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