• well he probably will be the one saving them from carver

  • Also slightly off topic but he could still be Rebecca's baby daddy as when she insists on searching for him and Alvin back at the lodge she says "Dammit Luke" Not Dammit Alvin.

    She said "dammit Luke" because Luke insisted on taking Alvin to search for Clem, Nick and Pete. She fears for her husband's life.

  • Kenny: "Luke isn't coming to help us, Clementine!"

    Clem: "How do you know that Kenny?!"

    Kenny: "Because I killed him on that mountain side."

    Although I actually think hhe fled to 'fight another day.' I think he'll be back with a vengeance, and an army.

  • was sumthin said about him tryin to tell kenny something and kenny not having it, so he sent luke away. followin that, i'd think what happened is they saw carver's group show up and kenny wanted to run in and help, luke tried to stop him and said they needed to get some distance, kenny wouldn't have it, and they split up.

    as for him coming to save them... i'm not seeing it. if he wanted to flee carver's on his own, he probably could have, but he brought other people along. people that were friends or had disagreements with carver. people that could have been manipulated into following a person with luke's charisma. i think that with everybody else captured, he'll go on ahead and we wont see him till we reach whatever place up north they're going to.

  • ..I didn't even notice he was missing.. o_o

  • My guess is that Kenny locked him up somewhere or even shot his leg or something.. I don't think he's dead though.

  • I know Kenny has been an ass throughout season 1 but he would never kill a person like Lilly did.

    • So were ignoring the smashing a guy's head in with a salt lick then? Just making sure.

      • A guy who was possibly about to turn into a zombie? No, we're not ignoring it, it just has no bearing in the situation with Luke.

        • Why did he kill Larry? Because he wanted to save his family. Why would he kill Luke? To preserve his new family. By Luke taking Clementine away, he is endangering Kenny's plans on rebuilding his family. Luke is the only thing standing in the way from him restoring his new family. I'm not saying he killed Luke, but saying that Kenny would never kill a person like Lilly did is a bit of a stretch

          • Yes this is exactly what I was contemplating when I was thinking about this situation.

            • Clem isn't Kenny^s family he is a broken man trying to recover so yeah Luke is fine. Also Kenny sucks at fist fighting he would have to shoot luke in order to kill Luke. I haven't heard any gunshot before Clem gets captured.

              • No of course she isn't his family but he cares about her enough so that he'd want to protect her (she's a little girl he's grown to love and care about since the beginning). Also there was a whole bunch of zombie shooting in the time frame from when we see Luke and Kenny leave to seeing Kenny sniping from outside so one of those shots could have been Kenny shooting Luke but I honestly (95%) doubt that.

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      Yep! He couldnt bring himself to kill the boy in the attic unless you insisted

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    I've seen like ten of these threads already; really starting to beat a dead parrot here. Also, I don't think Kenny killed him.

  • Luke was probably trying to convince Kenny to come with him and leave the lodge behind because he knew they couldn't take on Carver by themselves. Kenny promptly told him where he could shove that plan of action, then headed back to the lodge while Luke escaped to fight another day.

    • Yeah, that sounds like the most likely scenario considering both their personalities. Unless something we don't know about yet happened to stop Luke this is what I'm leaning toward, not sure why Kenny killing Luke offscreen is such a widespread theory. o.O

      • I think that if you ask Kenny about it twice he gets a slightly ashamed look or something like that IIRC. I can't be certain as I didn't get that in my playthrough. Still sounds like jumping to conclusions based on a small detail.

        • This is why I'm leery of trusting other people's interpretations of scenes I haven't seen myself. I just checked and the first question about Luke gets the "told him to take a hike" dialogue. The second question basically insinuates that Clem doesn't think Kenny can handle things on his own ("I don't know, maybe we should find Luke"?). Kenny takes the shot at Johnny and has a triumphant look on his face as he glances at Clem. I'm not seeing how anyone can mistake that look for shame or guilt but there you have it.

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