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Do Not 'Download' Sam&Max (the webcomic)

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Well... Not exactly a Sam&Max comic but more a comic about the new Sam&Max game ( and telltale's digital distribution).

From the Israeli web-comic V2 -

Since it is in Hebrew - Allow me to translate it for you (although it loses some of the punch)

Panel 1: "Have you already downloaded the new Sam&Max game?"
Panel 2: written on the gun - "ACUM" (the Israeli equivalent of the IRAA)
Panel 3: "From now on we all say 'Digitally Purchased' "
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I don't get it. :( I'm feeling stupid.
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    I don't get it. :( I'm feeling stupid.
    Heck... I hate to explain jokes :D

    It's a kind of a word-play about using the term "download" for both legally and illegally download of a game. about the deadly consequences of mixing the two.

  • Yes, but is the punchline pro-piracy or anti-piracy?
  • I think it's neither pro or anti. It is what it is. Hehe...

    Sometimes I still cringe when I read on the AG forums that someone said they downloaded a game, and I thought for a few seconds that they were downloading cracked games or something. But then I remember some games can be purchased and downloaded from sites like Direct-2-Drive or what have you. Nevertheless I usually wonder if someone else on the forum will misinterpret that user's comments and skin them alive. As they do, over there. ;) [>:)]
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