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[UPDATED!] Walking Dead Map (Spoilers)

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So, since I'm not from the USA I've haven't really had a very good idea of the geography of the Walking Dead. To fix this I spent the evening putting down markers in Google Earth to get a better idea of where things are in relation to each other. A lot of them are obviously just my own estimates. Figured I would share, because why not.

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Washington D.C:
Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

I have only read up to "What Comes After" in the comics, so there's probably some stuff from after that missing.

Here's a list of the places, their significance, and my reasoning for where I put them:

  1. Memphis (Where Kenny and family where driving home from): Real life city.
  2. Fort Lauderdale (Where Kenny and Family is from): Real life city.
  3. Gainsville Mall (Where Allen worked before the outbreak): Mall in Gainsville with shoe shop.
  4. CDC (Visited in TV series, would have performed relevant work in comics and game): Actual CDC.
  5. Atlanta Highway (Iconic scenery in comics and TV series, where Rick enters Atlanta): Where the scene was filmed in TV series (Oddly only makes sense if he was coming from the direction he came from in the comics)
  6. Marietta (Where Clementine's babysitter was asked to take her (also babysitters home)): Real life city.
  7. Stone Mountain High School (Where Ben went to school): Actual high school.
  8. WABE (Radio station where Carley worked): Actual WABE.
  9. Clementine's House (Uh... where Clementine lived): Estimated based on being the only suburban location close to the correct highway with the correct scenery (Forested area etc.).
  10. Dale's Camp (Where Dale, Lori, Glenn and co. were camped in the beginning): Estimated based on TV series location. Only quarry near the correct highway at suitable distance to Atlanta.
  11. Fairburn Camp (Visited in TV series, by Rick looking for gas before reaching Atlanta.): Placed at location used for filming, due to being at the correct highway and matching up with angle of Rick's arrival from King County.
  12. King County (Rick's home county in the TV show): Fictional county, placed based on location shown in TV show.
  13. Cynthiana Police Station (Rick's police department in the comics): Actual police station.
  14. Harrison Memorial Hospital (Hospital where Rick wakes up in the comics): Actual hospital.
  15. University of Georgia (Where Lee used to teach): Actual university.
  16. Wiltshire Estates (First refuge of Rick's group): Based on location used for the TV show appearance due to matching visually and suitable distance to Atlanta as well as prison.
  17. Greene Family Farm (Home of Hershel and family): Estimated at farm at suitable distance from Wiltshire, prison and Atlanta as well as considering Kenny's precense at the early days of outbreak. Attempted placement by Route 64 as suggested in comics but said road is located in the opposite end of Georgia, makes no sense so disregarded this.
  18. West Central Prison (Second refuge of Rick's group, original destination for Lee and Vince): Based on TV show filming location due to lack of comic information as well as set being at a suitable location based on distance to Atlanta, Wiltshire estates and Woodbury.
  19. Woodbury (Home of the Governor): Real life town.
  20. Save-Lots (Origin of the Save-Lots bandits): Placed at Macon Save-A-Lot, the inspiration for Save-Lots.
  21. Everett Pharmacy Drugstore (Everett family business): Estimated based on surroundings. Difficult due to inaccurate representation of Macon in-game.
  22. Travelier Motel (Home of Lee's group):Estimated based on proximity to Macon, surroundings and the path later taken to Savannah.
  23. Robins Air Force Base (Lilly and Mark's former workplace): Actual base.
  24. St. John Dairy (Home of the cannibals): Estimated at farm based on distance to Travelier Motel and surrroundings.
  25. The Long Road (Final resting place of Carley/Doug and where Russell met Nate): Estimated at specific road based on Russell's map as well as surroundings.
  26. Derailed Train (Where Lee's group found a train): Estimated based on studying all crossings of Macon-Savannah railway and roads of the correct size and orientation as well as taking into account surroundings.
  27. Wrecked Tanker (Where Omid and Christa joined Lee): Placed at the only bridge crossing between highway leading into Savannah and railway travelled by Lee's group.
  28. Statesboro (Where Russel's grandma lived): Real life town.
  29. Gil's Pitstop (Where survivors experienced 400 days worth of stories.): Estimated based on road orientation, surroundings and proximity to The Long Road.
  30. The Marsh House (Where Clementine's parents were staying): Placed at the Marshall House, the inspiration to the Marsh House.
  31. Crawford (Former home of Molly): Actual location in Savannah.
  32. Lone Pines Winter Park (Where reunion with Kenny occurs.): Placed at Lone Pine Mountain.
  33. The Cabin (Home of the Cabin group): Estimated based on license plate, surroundings and distance to Lone Pines Winter Park.
  34. Wellington (Rumored survivor community): Actual location in Michigan.
  35. Alexandria Safe Zone (Third refuge of Rick's group): Actual location in D.C.
  36. The Kingdom (Home of Ezekiel): Placed at Eastern High School, which matches the Kingdom's school exactly visually.
  37. The Sanctuary (Home of the Saviors): Placed at the only industrial area in D.C. that has long chimneys.
  38. The Hilltop (Home of Jesus): Placed at the only elevated farmland north of D.C. with a water tower 20 miles from Alexandria.

Feedback is appreciated!

EDIT: Now with Google Earth marker download:

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