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    No , Carver says ALVIN killed George..

  • Yeah, when Luke said that in the beginning, it set off a few alarm bells. Or maybe he was just talking about medical malpractice instead of outright murder. I mean, given "Doctor" Carlos's skill in the medical arts, that wouldn't seem too far fetched.

  • Seems a pretty big hint that Carlos may have seriously harmed someone in a fit of rage. And apparently it made a deep enough impression on Sarah that she fears seeing it again, to the point that Luke feels the need to remind Carlos to watch his temper.

  • Carlos shows a lot of guts standing up to Carver and taking his torture without giving information. He's clearly not a wuss. He could've hurt a lot of people (not necessarily good ones) to protect the group, and specially Sarah. As for Alvin, he's a pretty big guy, so I guess that if this George guy was trying to stop them from leaving, he could've killed him when defending himself. Take into account that George was very probably less than civil in this situation.

    • I agree. I have a higher respect of Carlos after the 2nd episode. Its shown that Carlos is scared of Carver more then other cabin members. and its hinted that he and Carver hate each other. Carlos might know what Carver can do.

  • I think Carlos's backstory is a big reason why he shelters Sarah. She seems to have something going on with her. If you ask her who is at the door, she stammers and says that she doesn't remember. I feel like something happened at Carver's camp involving Carlos (and Alvin and the other guys + Rebecca) that scarred Sarah and made them escape. This probably ties into how Carver is trying to turn Clem against the cabin group. Maybe the truth of what went down will be revealed in the next episode.

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