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Theory about the new group

posted by armis37 on - Viewed by 1K users

With all this hype about pedophiles, I've crafted a new theory which I want to share - what if the new group, in which we're now, escaped from Carver because he was trying to get... close to Sarah ? I got the feeling in Episode 1 that Carlos was the leader, so he must've lead the group out of there. This would explain Carlos' overprotectiveness of Sarah and her being "afraid of outside world" or something. Such experience can leave really deep scars and affect your behaviour. Some may say that they escaped because of Rebecca and her baby, but that can be used to my theory as well - she escaped because she saw what Carver is, and she didn't want the same thing happening to her child/Alvin talked her into running, because he thinks the child is his and he also saw what Carver is.
So, what do you think ?

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