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Shouldn't Clem have an accent?

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She grew up around people with deep Georgian accents, in Georgia. Shouldn't she have a slight country/Georgian accent?

  • Georgians were gravitating towards Atlanta per se the governments prompting at the start of the game and comics, which is why there's a lot of southern accent-thick people. Clem probably grew up in a neighbourhood with less Georgians.

  • Do we know she grew up there? I don't have any reason to think she didn't but I don't recall her specifically saying she did either.

    Oh, and speaking as a Brit. Georgia accent = cute.

  • Did many of the characters we met in Season 1 have thick accents? Kids pick up accents mostly from their parents and peers, but Clementine's mother had a very neutral accent - she may not have been natively from Georgia, etc.

  • Here is your answer: No

  • She must of been raised around people with proper accents. There are people that still speak proper in the Georgia and Atlanta area with out the accents. Mostly just teachers and cops. Her mother from the answering machine also had a proper English accent.

  • There are a lot of people in the South (more common in major cities like Atlanta) that have the more neutral, General American accent like Clem does. Or, as others have said, her parents could have been from elsewhere in the country and she just picked up their accents.

  • So when the outbreak happened she should have done this?

    Though, now that you mention it, the only characters that sounds even remotely southern are Kenny and Pete, and Kenny's from Florida.

    But in all seriousness, especially in a big city like Atlanta, a lot of people have pretty minimal accents or know how to mask it. Of course, at least in America, a lot of time regional accents are also party class related... I used to go down to North Carolina every summer and some people had strong accents, some didn't, and this was suburban North Carolina too. Even where I grew up, I don't have a particularly strong accent (I even pronounce my 'r's!) but you go to the next town over and a good portion of the people do have strong accents...

  • Here are 15 random celebrities from Georgia. How many would you say have an accent?

    • Julia Roberts _ Danny McBride _ Chris Tucker David Cross
      Ryan Seacrest _Dakota Fanning Usher Raymond _Kelly Rowland _Ed Helms _Chloë Grace Moretz _Raven-Symoné _Elle Fanning _
      Scott Wilson (Hershel)_Laurence Fishburne _Chandler Riggs(Carl)
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