How To (Part 1)

Hello guys I planned on creating a new series called "How to" and I will put it in the sub-forum "Hints and Help"...So in this episode I am going to talk to you about how to save Alvin when Carver and his group marches people so he can get Clementine and Kenny to come out.Firstly when you are with Kenny,he will shoot a guy and as a revenge,Carver gets Walter and he kills him (As far as I know you can't get him to live...)Then Carver gets Alvin and he says that if Kenny doesn't come out with Clem he is going to kill him.Kenny says he has a clear shot but you have to convince him not to buy pressing "Pull Gun",if you do that,Clementine grabs the gun out of his hands and says "You can't just kill him because he will just keep on killing our guys too...Think about Sarita".After saying that,Kenny says "Alright we are coming out" and he doesn't kill Alvin.

Thanks for watching this,request a "How to" in the comments and share your thoughts with me.

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