Nick's Determinant Status...

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...May be a smart way of testing our promise to Pete.

Pete:""Look out for him [Nick], i love that stupid kid."

That ONE line made me feel so much.And Nick's determinant status was like a punch in the stomach.It HURT.Literally.I promised Pete i would look out for Nick.

Just to be clear,my Nick did NOT die.But i made separate gameplays,and i found out he could've died.And that just...Hurt.

So MAYBE Nick's status is a way of testing our promise to Pete.We can choose to keep it or through it away like a used toilet paper roll...Forgotten...And sad...And lonely...

But if that's the real reason for Nick's status,that is just...AMAZING.CLEVER.MIND-BLOWING.

Telltale evolved so much since the first season.I wouldn't be surprised if it would be real.I would be too busy FANGIRLING.Because that would be just...AWESOME.To have in your hands the destiny of a character for REAL.It's just smooth writing and makes the playthrough more wonderful,and the bond between me and the characters,even deeper(if that's even POSSIBLE).If Telltale does manage to pull this little stunt here off,i would just...Be theirs forever.I hope they do.I really do.

I know Nick's death may be a big part of the story,i do.And that may be one of the reasons for the delays(although i hate to bring 'em up).See how many character deaths can be prevented?It's just...A LOT,plus the better graphics and all...So we should just be patient.Because when Telltale throws one episode at us,they always blow our minds.Episode 2 was a MASTERPIECE,and i hope all of tem will be just the same.

So,what's up?Any other theories or thoughts you can share?


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    Nick being determinant is going to be odd. Like Ben Nick is in the centre of most of the issues. He's a vocal charcater who speaks a lot. Him just standing around would be a bit awkward like it was with Ben in ep 5. I hope they can pull it off as I really like Nick however with his attitude I feel he'll do somethin crazy at the new camp and get shot....

    Alvin on the other hand makes for a character that could be determinant without too much change in his character. After all ALvin rarely spoke up too much anyway.

    I'm hoping there are a few charcaters like this which we can actually save long term rather than them just dying anyway. with such a large group I really feel it is possible

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