• Hes definitely changed, I guess we will just have to wait to see in what way.

  • They made him a good balance between bro Kenny and Asshole Kenny (looking at next episode). Though given Sarita's comments he's sort of 'acting' in the cabin with the weird jokes and laugh.

    He does seem to be simaler to season 1, He still does what he wants even if its a bit extreme and without thought (shooting the first guy) and cares about close family over everything else. I'm glad they didnt change his personality to be 100% good or bad,

  • I actually didn't notice any difference. Even while being friends with Lee, Kenny was still massively on edge last season, so him blowing up on Sarita or acting weird at dinner didn't really seem out of character, especially when you consider the boat plotline. He was still one of my favorite characters last season though, and I look forward to seeing how his relationship with Clementine differs from the one he had with Lee.

    And that beard is just fantastic.

  • He seems to be going through some problems, which is weird considering he almost seemed to be coming to terms with what happened with Katjaa and Duck at the end of S1.

    As unfortunate as it might be, I think hes going to be this way for awhile. I believe he will eventually somehow (Clem?) make peace with the situation, and will die shortly thereafter. I'm thinking it'll be a bittersweet type of moment.

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