Trust Issues

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Carver told us not to trust our group and they are dangerous. Do you think he is right? Maybe we will be friends with Carver? Maybe he was just an innocent man and people ran away from his group doing evil things. Like "Alvin killed George." or "what Carlos did". I am not saying i am thinking this way, just curious :P


  • Nah, don't think so.

  • Innocent man who can easily kill another innocent man ? Not bloody likely.

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    At best there's two sides to the story and the cabin group are kinda assholes as well. There's no way Carver is a "good guy".

  • Nah Carver is the evil one - i suspect he is the games version of "the governor"

  • I think that the cabin survivors have definitely been hiding some "not-nice" behavior from Clementine, but after shooting the nicest guy in the episode, torturing a man in front of his daughter, and pistol-whipping an eleven-year-old girl, I can't imagine that Carver would ever be portrayed as the sympathetic side in the situation.

  • Shooting Walter in the head isn't exactly "noble" or kind.

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