• you can choose protect alvin and alvin will live

  • Really think you should just live with it. Otherwise whats the point?

    You could make a second save where you save him

  • Well,i suggest you go with this gameplay for now.When you finish it,go back and do another gameplay in which you save Alvin :3

    You have to go with your choices for the series you have started.Then,you can start again,and choose differently.That way,you won't spoil the purpose of the game,and you will still obtain the results you want.

    At least that's what i do.

  • I've never rewinded (Except for last weekend cus my friend wanted to know who the ITYWD person was) It ruins the point. In a real ZA, you would never be able to rewind.

  • If you want to play like whatever you choose, you choose and that's it, then don't change a thing but if you really want to go back and save him, GO AHEAD. Either way Alvin will be alive or dead (but remember, any character that is determinant to die or not will die later on in the series such as Carley/Doug or Ben or Pete). If you really want, do what Firewallcano said and make a second save where you do save Alvin.

    • Your absolutly right. I never rewinded too

      • I think the reverse should not put it ...

        In the end, however, has its usefulness ... Let me give you an example: You had taken the watch of Pete and you forgot to give it to Nick? Just rewind! :D this would! But should not be used instead to redo choices ... this yes!

        In fact, I've only used it once to bring Kenny looking for Clem episode 5, since I had helped her family in every way possible

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    CannibalCarl BANNED

    I choose the same option as you. Didn't like Alvin anyway, that guy was annoying as hell.

  • If you intend to do another playthrough I suggest not going back and changing things the first time around. Just deal with everything as it comes, and in your next playthrough make different options to change your outcomes. In a new playthrough I don't think it matters, but definitely not for the first one.

  • Well in my first playthrough. Nick and alvin have died. But I deal with this

  • I would go back if I didn't like that decision. I lot of people keep there first decision while they play through the series. But me, I play each episode over and over until I know all the outcomes. Then I go through one last time to pick the decisions that I find the most interesting to form the story as I like. If that's the one decision you'd want to change, go ahead. It won't make the game any less fun.

  • Make another save file to play the episode again. BUT KEEP THE FIRST ONE....if you want.

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