Whats the murderer wants

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Yeah. What do you think? I think the real murderer doesnt want snow. I think the real victim is bigby.


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    Power this actually really good question never though what actually wants. So whole joker/batman thing there going try to break him i'd love that storyline. But from looking up comics online just get better understanding think there is force trying kill off fables as there threat and more powerful then humans kind of like x men

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    yeah one of the early comments in the 1st episode is that it might be a message to Bigby. I still think that's the case. I just can't see why Faith was kill, she steal a item for the boss of Dee and Dum but I don't think she was killed because of that. unless that was practise or something it can't be link to Bigby unless the killer was laughing at the fact that Bigby couldn't save her. Lilly was glmoured to look as Snow and that can be link to Bigby. but maybe the killer think that the act of killing the fables and leaving their heads in front of where Bigby lives is enough of a message.

  • Murderers, they wanna have fu-un, oh murderers, just wanna have fun.

  • That's all they really want, some fun.

    Anyway, have my like!

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