Analysis On Ichabod

Im not very good at uncovering things but the more i read posts from everyone the more i pay attention to things about certain characters. Maybe we can all do Analysis's on every character to find out? Anyways i just wanna get down to some stuff and please help point out anything that proves me wrong. I saw a discussion about Bluebeard and how he might be the boss of the tweedle brothers. The author stated that when Bluebeard punches tweedle dum that he exclaimed "What the fuck?!". This led him to believe that Bluebeard could be his boss.When i got Dee talking for the second or third time he said something about an item that Faith had. Ichabod yelled "What did you say!?" in an angry tone. He's seemed nervous throughout the 2 episodes. Especially when you pick up the puzzle off of Lily's body and he try's to scare you away from opening it. I don't believe either are the killers but one of them could be the boss of the tweedle brothers or both or maybe they are just considered of higher rank by an even bigger boss. Please give me your thoughts.

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