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The Headless Horseman (comics)

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I haven't read the comics and have no idea how to get them (don't live in the US). Can someone give me a short outline of what the headless horseman dose in the comics, please thanks. what is the Fable's version of the story, and in the comics dose he wear a glamour?

  • I am not that far in with the comics (stopped reading them years ago until TWAU made me pick them up again), but I think he never makes an appearance. In fact, the story of Crane states that the Headless Horseman may have not existed. Not even in the Fable world. It is thought to have been a prank by one of Ichabod's romantic rivals.

  • I'm caught up to issue #130 and I don't recall the headless horseman ever making an appearance in the comics.

  • Well, if you have an iPod Touch, iPad, or any other handheld device that comes with an app store. You can download the Vertigo Comics app for free and then register for a Comixology account along with it. From there, you can buy the comics digitally on the device, that's what I did! And also assuming that you're interested in doing so. :P

  • The Headless Horseman isn't even mentioned in the comics, let alone shown... The Boy Who Cried Wolf is mentioned briefly if i'm not mistaken. Other than that, nothing. I also thought the comics might give me an idea as to who the murderer is, It didn't.

  • The Headless Horseman was only mentioned once, when Bigby was confronting Ichabod. He mentioned the Horseman as a thing to scare Crane before crane was executed for selling information to the Adversary (The bad guy who took over the Homelands), but this was way after Crane was fired for stealing money in the treasury and assaulting Snow White (We can assume that this might happen during the game, possibly the next episode.)

    • @EMMYPESS so Crane dose kill Snow. what you saying, it sounds like the killer is Crane. but its so early in the series if he is the main killer.
      I heard that the video game are basically loosely on the comics. a presqual to the comics

      • No. Crane never killed Snow White. She's alive the entire comic series. He just assaulted her (Whether the game makes a canon connection to it or not, we don't know yet). He was also found out that he spent money from Fabletown's treasury and that's illegal. So he was exiled and Snow took Crane's place. I highly doubt Crane is the killer in the game because we still don't have much information at all, and it looks more of a "Set-up", if you will. We'll just have to wait for the rest of the episodes to come out.

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