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Possible Conclusion for Episode 3?

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What could IT be?

  • Kenny kills Carver, becomes leader, and they all go to Wellington.

  • I reckon that this episode will be buildup to a battle in Carver's settlement. The battle will actually occur, but this is the part where we try and smuggle a few people out and get people on our side.

  • Luke and possibly a couple of other people of the Clementine Liberation Front will lure a herd of walkers to Carver's camp.
    Chaos ensues.
    And Nick, if still alive, gets someone killed. Someone nice.

  • I think this one will be mainly development of Carver and his group with some recall of what the cabin group did. At the end I think they'll have to work together to repel the walker herd. Or maybe the cabin group let the herd in so they can escape

  • How about show up with a tank and cut some old man's head off?

  • I'm guessing episode 3 will all be passed in Carver's communitty, and that horde going in Carver and Clem's direction was sent there by Luke and some group he found so they can distract the communitty and go save the group ;)

  • Luke brings back Juicebox and Hammer as they crash through the gates riding Maybelle, stopping Carver in the process and saving the day.

    Then they all have Le Walter Surprise to celebrate.

  • Not sure about an ending, but i dont think Alvin, Nick, Kenny, or Carlos will survive into episode 4.

    • Bumping off Kenny in episode 3 wouldn't be advisable. Bringing back a major character like that, only to give him the chop in the following chapter purely for the sake of shocking/depressing the player, is an even dumber idea than killing Whistler in the first ten minutes of BLADE: TRINITY. A determinant choice between Kenny and Luke at the end of part 3 is a better way to go.

      • They did that in the first 10 minutes of episode one, though. Some people raged, but got over it in time. Either determinant or from other factors, its just my feeling Kenny is going to not make it to episode 4. His character is going to do something stupid in that camp that gets him and others killed.

        • They did that in the first 10 minutes of episode one, though. Some people raged, but got over it in time.

 they didn't. Trust me, there are STILL plenty of fans who are sore about what happened to Omid. Keep in mind he was a popular character, but nowhere NEAR the same level as Kenny. If Telltale executes him in the next episode, they won't be prepared for the royal shitstorm that'll hit them. It will make the reaction to the original MASS EFFECT 3 endings look like a polite fan letter.

          By the way, a lot of people haven't "gotten over that" either.

          • I'm guessing no matter what happens you can't kill Carver or Kenny or Carlos til ep. 5.

          • I dislike protection on characters for fans sake especially in stories packed with danger. If they protect a character just for fans that takes away from the story. If Omid lived the story line would of been completely different. If Lee lived the storyline would of been completely different. I think it was for the best. If the story calls for it and its good writing then the death has to happen. If TTG starts protecting characters for fans they should not even touch Game of Thrones.

            • I understand where you're coming from, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, there's also something called "shock value". Omid's death was shock value. We could argue back and forth whether Telltale was justified in killing Omid, but the fact remains Telltale did it primarily to rattle the player.

              Maybe they felt Omid had outlived his usefulness as a character, I don't know. But when you deliberately butcher characters (or deliberately butcher fan-favourite characters because they're...well, fan-favourites), the story becomes boringly predictable. The whole series turns into a morbid game of "who's going to die next?", and looking over all the posts in the forum, it's awfully hard to argue it hasn't, wouldn't you say?

              I grew tired of GAME OF THRONES because there's only so far you can take the theme of death, death, and more death. I realize it's a little weird to complain about death in a game called THE WALKING DEAD, but let's forget about "fan favourites" for a moment and just see things from the perspective of good storytelling. Slaughtering Kenny in episode 3 just to "shock" the fans wouldn't be good storytelling. Telltale can't shock the fans any more when it comes to spontaneously murdering characters. There are dozens of threads in this forum that have covered every theory of who could drop dead when and where, including Clementine. Telltale needs to do better than that.

              • Omid's death was more then just shock value. To get to the point where Clem had no one to rely on but the Cabin group and to have the plot of them locking her in a Shed she had to lose everyone she was with. Either way Omid would of been out of the story for Clem to meet the Cabin group and for the cabin group to not trust her.

                We also will soon see the side effect of people dying trying to protect Clem and how it effects her.

                I dont want them to kill off Kenny but if Kenny's death has a huge effect on what happens next then I say why not. I also dont think they'll kill him until episode 4 or 5.

                So far with Omid's death it has made an amazing story so far has it not?

                I think you just gave up on Game of thrones because you fail to see how main Character deaths effect the story.

                • I think you just gave up on Game of thrones because you fail to see how main Character deaths effect the story.

                  Incorrect. I gave up on GAME OF THRONES because "killing off the main character" isn't a daring, innovative plot development any more. It's become its own cliche. Kindly don't assume why I choose to stick with a series, or abandon it. Showing Sean Bean being decapitated might strike you as original and innovative, but everything that came after was just a dreary slog for me, because it became obvious Martin had found his niche: Kill heroes for the hell of it.

                  It's shallow bullshit masquerading as daring art. I didn't "fail" to see anything. You fail to see cheap gimmicks when they're in plain sight.

                  • I can not respect you opinion for dissing game of thrones. Game of Thrones is FAR from cliche. If you think the Red wedding was just a gimmick Im sorry but it leads to so much more. I have a feeling your just one of those guys that has watched the HBO series and just assume you know whats going to happen next or you just choose to ignore the outcomes of a character's death and how it effects the character's around them. Ill say it again you "fail" at seeing how much power death adds to a plot.

                    You cant have a survival scenario with Pizza and Ice Cream.

                    • Ill say it again you "fail" at seeing how much power death adds to a plot.

                      Sorry, but even death loses its impact if you do it all the time. It ceases to be dramatic, and eventually becomes trite.

                      If we were to follow your logic about how an ongoing series should work, Clementine's throat would have been torn out by Sam before episode 1 was even over, with the player then becoming saddled with Christa as PC for the rest of the season.

                      Unpredictable? Sure. Wise? Hardly.

                      • Dude killing off clem is your own made up logic of my logic. I never said anything along those lines. Game of thrones doesn't kill off characters all the time but they do it at the perfect points and pretty much all of them are just side characters like Kenny but their death still has a lasting effect on what comes next and thats what you dont see. Its more then just shock it sets up what comes next in the plot.

  • Unrelated comment:I really LOVE your avatar.

  • Carver will try to break Clem's super strong will and will think of the most brutal and unhuman torturing method he could possible think of!

    Carver will shave Kennys godlike hobo beard and Clem will have to watch the whole horrible procedure, the pain and sorrow of this terrible experience will hunt her for her entire life and will eventually break her super strong will!

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