Episode Two Black Screen Game Crash


I'm having an issue with Episode Two on Season One. For some reason when I try loading any of my saved filed to play through the second season it says loading for a second and then goes to a black screen where I can here ambient sounds of gun fire and stuff on my headphones and only thing visible on the screen is my axe in the inventory.

The crash started happening after the update a few days ago. I'm playing on a Mac.

Here is a download link for my TWD support data: http://www.sendspace.com/file/drkybm
Here is a screenshot of the issue: http://imgur.com/CxsrxOT

Thank you!


  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    Please do a search on your computer for prefs.prop. You should only have one copy of this file in your save game directory. If you find another copy elsewhere, this needs to be removed. Usually this duplicate file can be found in either a Gamedata folder adjacent to your save directory, or in your installation folder. If you are playing on Steam, you will need to find the Walking Dead game data within your Steam installation folder. If you remove this prefs file, but still experience the issue, then it's possible the duplicate file is being recognized instead of the prefs in your save directory. Please take the duplicate file and move it into your save folder (which will overwrite the existing file). You may want to back-up both of these files before attempting this process, just in case.

    Unfortunately, if this does not resolve your issue, then your prefs file has most likely been corrupted. This is rare, but can happen if the save is compromised (for example, if the game crashes during an autosave, or if the game is closed using Task Manager). If this is the case, then the corrupted prefs can no longer be used and should be removed from your computer to prevent any further complications.

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