• 10 for each.

    My work here is done.

  • Here's my score for each episode so far:

    1. A New Day (S1 EP1) = 9/10

    2. Starved for Help (S1 EP2) = 9.5/10

    3. Long Road Ahead (S1 EP3) = 6/10

    4. Around Every Corner (S1 EP4) = 5/10

    5. No Time Left (S1 EP5) = 7/10

    6. 400 Days (DLC EP) = 7/10

    7. All That Remain (S2 EP1) = 8/10

    8. A House Divided (S2 EP2) = 9/10

    • Why did you rate Long Road Ahead so bad ? It was superb in my opinion - many shocking moments, character development.

      • 6/10 isn't a bad score. It's above average, good but some flaws.

        As much as I liked the character development with several characters, it was the starting point where choices were starting to feel railroaded for the sake of drama (though the drama was effective). This is a minor and forgivable issue I have with the episode, though.

        My main problems was that the train scenes dragged on a little, the introduction of Christa and Omid felt as if they were put in at the last minute and might have been better to put into Episode 4 instead, and the event where Lee and Clementine enter a dark room filled with walkers felt uncharacteristically reckless.

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    1. No Time Left 9.5/10

    2. A House Divided 9.5/10

    3. Starved For Help 9/10

    4. Around Every Corner 8/10

    5. Long Road Ahead 8/10

    6. All That Remains 7.5/10

    7. A New Day 7.5/10

    8. 400 Days 7/10

  • A New Day 8/10

    Starved For Help 10/10

    Long Road Ahead 6/10

    Around Every Corner 7/10

    No Time Left 10/10

    400 Days 9/10

    All That Remains 7/10

    A House Divided 10/10

  • 1: Long Road ahead 10/10 (S1 EP3)

    2: A house divided 9,5/10 (S2 EP2)

    3: Starved for help 9,25/10 (S1 EP2)

    4: No time left 9/10 (S1 EP5)

    5: All that Remains 8,5/10 (S2 EP1)

    6: Around every Corner 8/10 (S1 EP4)

    7: A new day 7,5/10 (S1 EP1)

    8: 400 days 7/10 (DLC)

    Yes...i am critical! :D

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Starved for help 10/10

    A House Divided 10/10

    Long Road Ahead 8/10

    Around Every Corner 7.5/10

    400 Days 8.5/10

    No Time Left 9/10

    All That Remains 7.5/10

    A New Day 8.5/10

    The Order is how I enjoyed the Episodes from most to least, But the fact that I enjoyed some Episodes more than others doesn't necessarily mean they're better as you can see in my Scores.

    1. A House Divided
    2. Long Road Ahead
    3. No Time Left
    4. 400 Days
    5. Starved For Help
    6. A New Day
    7. Around Every Corner
    8. All That Remains

    That's hard, many of them are a pretty close tie for me.

    1. Starved for Help - Character interaction, hard choices, dat intro and dat ending make this one my favorite. Also, we inadvertently f*** ourselves at the end. Oh, Telltale, last time I go against Queen Clementine's wishes. 10/10 **

    2. Long Road Ahead - All things considered, this should be my favorite episode. I'm weird as that. 10/10 **

    3. A House Divided* - The choice is strong with this one. A really strong episode that falls short in my eyes because of lack of interactivity, but wait, there is story branching. We got great interactions with Luke and Nick, but the rest are still kinda bland! The 'stache is back, but wait, the asshole in the 'stache is back! I'm conflicted. 8.8/10??? **

    4. A New Day* - The premiere presented me with a new concept and made me fall in love with Clementine. It is great, even after the millionth time inside that drugstore. 7.5/10 **

    5. Around Every Corner - "No... no god, NOOOO!!"- Me, ending this one. Despite arguably being the weakest, there are great scenes to be found here. The last minutes in Crawford make the going back and forth worthwhile and there is just a certain charm to it I can't describe. 7.7/10 **

    6. No Time Left - Don't get me wrong, a superb conclusion, but not the greatest episode to me. Story wise, this is going to be hard to top this season. 9/10 **

    7. 400 Days - An interesting experiment that took us for a few minutes to the see through the eyes of complete strangers in defining moments for them in the apocalypse. 8/10 **

    8. All That Remains - Clementine is back! However,this season opener lacks a lot of things that made the rest so great like character interaction. It does not take advantage of the introduction of the new group to the fullest, and that shows when you play EP2. Clementine and the little interaction we do get with the group are the highlights of the episode. 7/10 **

    *They are interchangeable ATM. **I hate assigning numerical scores, but that is more or less what I think... I think.

  • 1 - A House divided 10/10

    2 - Long road ahead 7/10

    3 - Starved for help 9/10

    4 - All that remains 8/10

    5 - A new day 8.5/10

    6 - 400 days 7/10

    7- Around every corner 9/10

    8- No time left 10/10

  • 1 - Starved For Help 10/10

    2 - A House Divided 9/10

    3 - No Time Left 8.5/10

    4 - A New Day 8/10

    5 - Long Road Ahead 8/10

    6 - 400 Days 7.5/10

    7 - All That Remains 7/10

    8 - Around Every Corner 6/10

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