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In this thread we will be continuing upon our continuation of season 1. The original thread was created with the purpose of continuing the story from the end of season 1 onwards, and now that we have finished that 'Season 2' we are about to write the next season in this very thread. Anyone is allowed to contribute, IF they follow a basic set of rules:

  • Continue writing from the last commenter's story (do not use "reply" unless you want to discuss about their choice).
  • Before writing a post, please post a notice and refresh the page to avoid writing at the same time as someone else.
  • Don't finish with a dead end, this is about continuing, so try to leave things open.
  • This is a serious thread, if you want to put unrelated material or spam in the comments then please go somewhere else.
  • Please read AT LEAST the summary of the previous season if you want to contribute, it takes barely 15 minutes of your time, and it sure is a lot easier than reading the entire previous thread. (Although we do STRONGLY advice to read the entire story, because it has a lot of small details.)

Thanks for contributing, and have fun writing! New writers are ALWAYS appreciated!



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    To the people disliking all of our posts:

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    - The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Episode 1: Fortress of Solitude -

    (Opening music plays: )

    "Are you sure you don't want to come with us?"

    Shaking her head, Ruby throws the large green backpack over her shoulder and turns to the rest of the group. "Eddie... We've talked about this, my decision is final." His face gains a hurtful look when Ruby rejects his hug, and instead walks to her tent, where she pulls out an acoustic guitar. "Can't leave without this, can I now?" she say with a smirk. Her smug smile quickly fades away when the group frowns at her worriedly. Letting out a sigh of disbelief, Ruby straps the guitar to her backpack. "What is your problem? We've had this conversation yesterday! I'm off to the woods and you're travelling to the mountains up north, fine by me." Ruby aims an agitated look at Eva and Tyler, who have been silently watching the last bits of burning wood left in the small campfire. The destruction of the farm had hit Eva harder than it had hit the others, but Tyler was the one to comfort her during the hard days which followed it. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so hard on ya'll." Fighting back a few tears, Ruby walks up to Tyler and Eddie, who awkwardly stand around. Ruby lets out an amused giggle, Tyler and Eddie following shortly after. "We're all going to miss you, but, I want you to remember, if you ever miss us, or you need someone to fall back on, head up north to Wellington." Tyler says before giving her a tender hug. Eddie follows his example with a short but meaningful embrace, before saying his final goodbyes. "We'll meet again someday, I'm sure of it. I just wish Jessica..." his face turns pale, his eyes grow red. "It's okay Eddie, goodbye."

    With gun in hand and backpack tightly strapped to her back, Ruby walks away from her group's small campsite with an optimistic smile. The rising sun shines as bright as it gets on a clear spring morning like today's and it fills the young woman with fresh and hopeful energy. Leaving the group to go off on her own wasn't what she had wanted in the slightest, but their plans were just too different to work together. Eddie, Eva and Tyler never understood why she wanted to stay this close to the woods, as Ruby had always refused to reveal her true intentions. The pain of what she had lost was, and still is, too unbearable to talk about. As the sun has fully risen, she decides to rest her weary legs on a boulder in the middle of the large meadow. The warmth of the onyx grey rock engulfs her with happiness as her pale skin touches it. ''God, I've missed the sun...'' she contently sighs. She takes off her boots and unties her sleek, brown hair from the sloppy knot it was in before. Her cold gun uncomfortably presses against her thigh, so she pulls the weapon out of its holster and lays it next to her on the stone. The last thing restraining her is the small walkie-talkie hanging from her belt. The antenna has been pulled out, although the thing hasn't picked up a signal for at least a few a months. "Worthless piece of--" A loud crackling noise emits from the speaker, leaving Ruby in awe. Caught up in the excitement, she desperately tries to make out what the few moments of clear dialogue say. When the crackling stops and the silence returns, a feeling of emptiness fills her mind. The voice was that of a little girl. But was it her little girl?

    Taking the chance, Ruby holds the walkie-talkie against her ear and slowly starts to talk.

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    Day 3 in the cave
    His body weight makes her bones and arm muscles ache as she grips the lower lag of his jeans and tries to pull his lifeless body. The first attempt fails - he is just too stiff and heavy and Clementine first startles by the sight of the maggots and other insects fleeing from his head because of the sudden movement. Her heart is beating faster and her throat constricts when Kenny's head falls to the left, his white eyes peering right through her. Even though she is about to lose her sanity she tries her best to pull herself together. This needs to be done, it's long overdue. Clem takes a very deep breath although it's not easy since the air is filled with unbearable smell of his rotten body when she eventually tries again, this time with her eyes closed. This time it works - she gradually manages to drag him slowly out of the place by the campfire. A track of smears is left behind by the large hole in his head, where the bullet went through, the bullet Clementine shot. Minutes later, feeling like a lifetime for her, she finally handled to get him out of the cave that used to be Bryan's hideout. Clementine rests his body near a clearing, a few yards away from the entrance. Even though it is early spring the previous days were freezy, moist and grey, just like her mood. While avoiding to see Kenny's face she notices a small pit in the ground, like hollowed out by boars. Right when she is about to literally kick him into it from exhaustion she hesitates in the last furlong. She then crouches down above him putting her hands into his jeans pockets. In the left one she finds a small jackknife. In the other one Clem reveals a wooden figurine, probably from his carving phase back at Melody's cabin. First she cannot recognize what it is. But then the awareness gives her deep shivers leading to unlimited sadness: It's a small duck. After a while she wants to throw him down into the pit once again when she can see something sticking out of his back pockets. She reaches after it - it is a photo of Duck, Katjaa and Kenny. They are standing in front of the entrance to Gatorland, the famous attraction of Orlando, smiling happily. Duck looks much younger and Katjaa has the same motherly look as Clem's mom, Diana. The evidence of the past, a past Clementine would kill for, makes her collapse, sinking to the floor and crying in infinite sorrow. In the end she finally finishes what she's been trying to do and shoves him into the pit, hiding his body under a sea of greenery.

    Day 5 in the cave
    Clem sticks the last picture to the wall with the help of tree gum. She now has a small very personal gallery: The first photo shows Kenny's family she has found in his trousers. The second is the picture of Lee that he had dropped back in the drug store. The sight of him gives her an awkward shiver, part of her loving him, part of her rejecting the memory because of her feelings of guilt. The third picture shows Bryan and Hannah, the girl he's been turning the world on its head in attempt to find her. Where is he... I wonder if he's alive, goes through her mind. In the end she comes to the conclusion that he must be dead. He would have shown up here by now.... The thoughts of another loss make her shed an imaginary tear - Clem's eyes are swollen and dry - there are no tears left to be shed. A growl interrupts her daydreams - reality reminds her of human needs: she got nothing to eat after the frog baked over the fire yesterday. A glimpse to the deepest corner of the cave reveals that it is still raining as water is dropping out of a tiny hole in the roof, causing a pool. Clem takes another glimpse at the box with the variety of weapons Bryan had managed to collect. Ignoring the hunger and giving in her exhaustion she sinks to the ground. I'll go get something to eat another time. She closes her eyes as she falls into a deep sleep.

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    The next morning the sun forced Clem's eyes open. There was no way she could ignore the day with only three walls. She turned to the little wall of photos. It was all that remained of the people she had once know. She had promised herself to go look for food but she felt content just laying there, even with the sun in her eyes. So for awhile she did, she just laid there, for what felt like minutes but was actually hours. Eventually though her bladder was full and so unwillingly she got up and went outside. In a normal world things would seem almost beautiful, with the way the sun was shining from through the trees. It was just a cover though, Clem knew a monster could lurk around any corner, and behind any tree. She couldn't tell how late it was but it seemed to be well past noon.

    After making sure the cost was clear she found a little bush to squat behind and relived herself. Afterwords she just walked around her cave, wondering if she should stay here forever. Clem thought that maybe she should just crawl back inside and never come out, just wait for death to take her in whatever form it would come, be it starvation, walker, or man. However she knew that would be a waste of all the sacrifices people had made for her. Even if she didn't like she had to keep going on. She thought on Kenny's words, about the people sacrificing themselves because they wanted to. It would be selfish of her to die now.

    (please continue. I couldn't really find a track to fit this one, sorry about that.

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    You guys are absolutely amazing! I have read the whole story up to now and it is just awesome! The beginning could use some tweaking but everything else is just unbelievably interesting! I felt like I was reading an actual book on every page. You guys write like professional writers(in my opinion), so good that I'm scared that joining would ruin it. The best part is its based off the Walking Dead Game. You guys have put so much effort into this and really deserve a medal or something. You collaborate well and there are hardly any arguments. (besides hacked zasca) I just wanted to write this because I want you guys to know that you have been recognized by me and hopefully by others. I applaud you and genuinely await and hope you continue this amazing fan fiction.

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    Am I lucky? Or am I cursed? All of my friends always end up dieing, but I always survive... Alone.. The thought's rush through her mind like a bullet.

    She then proceeds to pick herself up. "I need... to get food.." She says as her stomach growls and she stumbles outside the cave. She spots a squirrel, this is the luckiest she has been since entering the cave. She pulls her knife out from her back pocket, and slowly approaches the squirrel, when all of a sudden, a noise comes from the walkie-talkie, alarming the squirrel, causing it to rush up a tree.

    "What the..?" Clementine whispers as she looks down at the walkie-talkie. It makes a static noise as she hears a faint noise coming from the other side.

    "Hello? Anybody there?"

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