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Matthew's Knife i noticed had WM engraved on it, what does it stand for, Walter and Matthew? or where those his initials?
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  • Walter and Matthew, since they were partners.

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    I believe it stands for Walter and Matthew as they were partners. Walter gave it as a gift, so it'd make sense. Some couples engrave their first name initials together on trees, but this was their version. It's significant in a sentimental and personal way. I wish they lived... They had good hearts. Clem would have been lucky to have them around; she needs more kindness in her life.

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    I'm pretty sure it stood for Walter and Matthew. at least symbolically.

    Walter said he got it for Matthew AFTER the apocalypse, so i'd imagine that Walter found the knife of someone with the initials WM and thought it would still work to symbolize their relationship.

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    since they were partners.

    Weren't they just best friends?.

  • Telltale confirmed they were lovers.

  • Oh! my bad then, i'm sorry.

  • I agree that it just symbolizes Walter and Matthew's relationship. What happened to it? Does Clem still have it? I hope so cause it's a pretty badass knife.

  • They sure do look like a match.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think so. I believe the knife that Clem uses if you choose it over the rifle (which knocks you on your ass just like Pete predicted it would) was that one. Walter threw it away after confronting Nick. And from what I remember, it gets left behind either way. Whether it be in the ground, or in the walker's head. I wish we had the option to take it with us.

  • You can choose to pick up the rifle again instead of the knife, either way she loses it when Carver captures the group.

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    It was in an old forum thread from about a week ago, but I can confirm that they did indeed say that he was gay. Now confirmed on the wiki as well:

    And yes, I know that the wiki 'can be edited by anyone', as will likely be your defense, however they have a good community and they verify the things they keep on it.

    It used to be listed as 'partner', and when Telltale confirmed it, they changed it to boyfriend.

    EDIT: Also what ^ he said.

  • Nah, I don't think she has it anymore. There's one thing that bothers me though. When Walter throws the knife away he doesn't really 'throw' it, but he just tosses it to the side, weakly. But when you're fighting the walker, it's about 25-30 metres away from the lodge. Walter has a dang good throw, especially considering he wasn't even looking where it was going.

  • I also noticed that. It was almost as if he had just dropped it on the ground!

  • I wonder if Kenny actually said that to them XD "Walt aaand Matt... Walt and Matt! You guys sure do look like a match!

  • it's... it's beautiful ;)
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    Telltale confirmed they were lovers.

    WOW really??? - seriously i didn't get that vibe at-all throughout my play through - That makes the Walt not killing Nick (In my play through) even more surprising.
    Should probably point out at this moment i have no problem with gays at-all, i just did not get it at-all that they were partners when i was playing.
    Also that makes Mathews death all the more saddening, atleast him and walt are together now.

  • ...actually, that's a really good point.

    That IS annoying.

  • no they don't. walter is old as hell lol

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