Anyone else underwhelmed by the teaser for the next episode?

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I mean, it didn't really show much did it?

No new characters, revisiting old locations....

The only new thing seemed to be Dee (or Dum?) threatening Bigby with a shotgun. That was literally it.

Whereas with the teaser for episode 3 of the walking dead, much more was actually shown.

I hope this isn't another hint that the story will be as unfortunately directionless as it was in episode 2, as episode 1 of TWAU remains my favourite Telltale episode ever, and I would like the season to become my favourite as well.


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    The Walking Dead episode 2's preview seemed a bit blase, but the episode turned out to be decent.

  • I disagree it was directionless but I won't argue that point again. I thought the preview was fine. It sowed enough to get me excited for the next part, although it didn't really need to. I'm already excited to follow this story and see the mystery solved.

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    I'm just hoping that the fights will be epically longer this time around, with more environment interaction! Or some more Mundy tension that will inevitably threaten the Fabletown community! Oh, and here's wishful thinking that the next episode will reach over the 2 hour mark! Just a bit.

  • I believe that Episode 3 will be great just like the previous ones.

  • You're kind of the main hardcore fan of this series,aren't you? Not trying to be insulting, but on the forums at least, you seem to be the most excited for anything Wolf Among Us related.

  • I dont know if Im the main hardcore fan. I enjoy the series and I want to support it. Thats's what a fan does. Is that supposed to be a bad thing or invalidate my opinion somehow?

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    Not at all, like I said, I wasn't trying to be insulting or imply anything. It's just that one these forums, you seem to be one of the most vocal people who support this game. You seem to be the person most excited for anything Wolf Among Us related on the community, I was just more stating it than anything else.

  • Thats because they were posting about Wolf Among Us on The Walking Dead forums. Of course, people over there are going to support The Walking Dead so it seemed to me kind of unfair to try to pit them against each other over there. I didnt want it to look like everyone is against The Wolf Among Us so I spoke up. I get more vocal if I feel like im in the minority. Im a big fan of the Fables comics so Ive been especially excited for this series and so far Ive been very pleased with the results. I dont think Im any bigger a fan than anyone else necessarily. It just depends on the topic whether or not I want to jump in.

  • the wolf among us for me kinda died, i don't care for it much anymore after that 4 month span. And I'm starting to lose excitement for twd now. Telltale has a shit schedule. It's the truth.

  • Well, if the recent controversial rumour is anything to go by, the schedule is improving ;)

  • If you can't wait (admittedly it's frustrating when you want the next episode really badly) then don't buy before all the episodes are released.

  • The trailer for Ep. 2 was great, but I found it under whelming when played. I don't put much stock into it, the ending of Ep 2 has me really seeing big things for Ep 3. The ending really blew my mind. They sure know how to leave us on a cliff hanger, I can't see how they could do anything wrong no matter where they take us

  • if I knew it'd take 4 months for 1 hour of disappointment ; i would've never bought it to begin with and just watch it online.

  • I think this might be down to the plot developing much more rapidly in this series. I mean, with the Walking Dead, it's a lot easier to create an enthralling narrative, due to the world being much more expansive. They can throw a lot into the trailers without giving away too much of the plot itself, and the connections in the script. The Walking Dead has the danger element, and is much more about tension and suspense, I think. With TWAU, Telltale have to keep more to themselves to keep the plot twists coming. I wouldn't be too harsh on the trailer - At the point where Ichabod gets into the car, did you see that he throws down one of the carved wooden cylinders on the seat next to him? Is it really Ichabod Crane, or someone we haven't encountered yet, glamoured to look like him? Hmmm......I just hope that the game isn't as short as the trailer this time around!

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