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Disregarding Sarita.

posted by FlamingOblivion on - Viewed by 2.4K users

Am I the only one who couldn't care less about what happens to Sarita? She could literally die in the next episode and I wouldn't even flinch. After Carver killed Walter and Alvin. I was shocked, sorrowful, and despairing my choices. I was afraid who he was going to murder next until he grabbed Sarita. My reaction was "phew! I thought he was going to grab someone I actually cared about. Okay Kenny, you get one more chance to put Carver down once and for all. Hurry! Take the shot before he grabs anyone else!" If it was anybody else, even Rebecca! I would've surrendered immediately after I learned my lesson with Alvin. :c

Am I the only one who finds her character completely uninteresting? I feel like she's only there to be taken away from Kenny and trigger Kenny's insanity.

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