Isn't it kinda strange?

edited March 2014 in The Walking Dead

It's kinda weird that Troy never said a single word does he even got a voice actor?


  • Not that I recall. He may just be the least outgoing of Carver's group. Carver/Bonnie both give orders at some point and Johnny seemed like the chatty type. I'm guessing Troy is the quiet kind that just follows the lead of everyone else around him. He looked positively lost when he thought Carver got downed (kind of wish Rebecca made a grab for his gun when he dropped his guard).

  • Perhaps he's the mysterious guy that never says a word. Like Ferb in Phineas & Ferb.

  • ehh doesn't matter no offence but I don't seem him living past episode 3 lol

  • Maybe he'll say something in the upcoming episodes. He may be quiet but...

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